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Flaming Lips Want YOU In Their New Song

Bubble Boy On The Loose At Lolla!

Ever wonder how much it would cost to buy yourself into a Flaming Lips track? After an announcement today, it’s no longer a mystery—the answer is $100. The Flaming Lips announced today that fans can have a part in their new freakishly long six-hour track, which now is titled “Found a Star on the Ground.” Frontman Wayne Coyne announced it today on Twitter, and it seems like the offer will only be available for a limited time—maybe just today.

“We’ll be recording all day!!” Coyne said on Twitter.

But the proceeds from the track are going toward a good cause: The OK Humane Society and ACM@UCO. You can make your name a part of Flaming Lips history here.

Source:  http://www.pastemagazine.com/articles/2011/09/get-your-name-in-the-flaming-lips-6-hour-song.html

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