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Occupy Chicago….’s alternative???

Posted by on Sep 28, 2011 | 57 comments

Occupy Chicago….’s alternative???


This is a somewhat NEW tradition creeping up across the land.

Q101 plans to change that.  This Halloween Q101 just might Boo YOU.  SIGN UP HERE

What does it mean to be BOOED?

It’s simple really. We print a “BOO” sheet and include it with a delicious treat or in our case Q101 STUFF. Leave it on someone’s door step, ring the bell, and Run Run Run!  That someone could be YOU.

If you have been Booed, cut out the ghost and place it on or near your door so you won’t be Boo-ed again.  It’s tradition once YOU are booed to pay it forward and BOO someone else.

Before long you will have a neighborhood full of ghosts!

Best of all when Q101 sets out to BOO….we do it with style.  Some of our goodie bags will include:

  • Q101 Stickers
  • Q101 T Shirts
  • Q101 Mugs
  • Haunted House Tickets
  • Concert Tickets
  • Special Surprises

If you get BOOED….do us a favor and email a picture of your Boo Bag…the one with the goodies WE left…not THAT BOO bag.  Email pics to info@Q101.com

Don’t wait to BE BOOED before you BOO someone!  Download the Q101 BOO-SHEET here and start spreading the BOOS today!




  1. How will you know to BOO me if you don’t know where I live? Just sayin’….

    • WE KNOW where you live, Lau. We have “people.”

      • Really?? I hope you make it out to the Manteno area then

        • We’re NUMBER ONE IN Manteno, so perhaps we’ll ring your bell baby!

          • what about the mount prospect area???? tht would be FLIPPIN AWESOME!!!!

      • I’ll be waiting, Kumar…..

        • What, Harold can’t come with me? yowwwwwwwwww Lisa Lau…

          • Sure, two are always more fun! And I’ll have something for YOU if you boo me!

          • I have something SPECIAL for YOU at my door. I didn’t like Harold’s attitude. Maybe he can make it up to me. Okay…..the two of you can come. With bells on.

          • I guess you don’t REALLY have people now, do you…or you would have come for my treat. It will still be in the cooler Monday. It will be removed that afternoon unless you want the Oberweis man to get it instead.

    • I live in Wisconsin…is it even worth it for me to hang a boo up?? I sure would love to win!

  2. Boo me!!! I’ll send you my address. :) Hint: It’s not in Chicago, but it is in Chicago-land.

  3. Don’t be afraid to knock on my door!

  4. Sweet! You guys rock! Tell your “people” I’m waiting to be booed =) Love you guys!

    • muah!

  5. Awww, I wanna be Boo’d! Buzz my apt code, I can let you in no matter where I am! lol

  6. But I live in a third floor condo…

    • We’ll scale the balcony like a prowler…

  7. I would love to be booed I haven’t been scared in a while hope u know where I live.

  8. i love boos!!!! gimme gimme!

  9. What are the chances I could be booed way out in the BOOnies?

  10. I would love to be booed find my house!

  11. do you boo people in indiana?

    • Everytime we drive through on our way to Michigan! Burn!!! No, we kid, we kid. We love Indiana…of course we will be Boo’in all y’all Hoosiers! Well, not all of you…

  12. I live about 2 hours away from Chicago, but listen online almost everyday at work and would LOVE to get booed!!!!

  13. Would be an awesome Bday present!!

    • HBD Ms Dejesus!!

  14. I wanna be booed!!!!!

  15. Boo me :) i have never been before

  16. no really how will u know where to boo us? I REALLY WANNA B BOO’D lol =D

  17. I listen to the stream everyday and have 3 co-Workers listening to the stream as well. I even helped set it up so they can stream it over their phone and through their car stereo.

    • You Rock you filthy Animal! Thanks! Dunno how you did that, but…if you care to describe the process, I’ll share it with the rest of Q101 Nation! Better yet, do a vid and we’ll feature it! We have other ways to get Q101 in your car which we’ll be sharing on the “How to Listen” page: http://michelledubiel.com/~micheox4/websites/q101/how-to-listen/

      • If your car stereo has the ability to play an MP3 device through a cable connection, just start the stream on your phone and plug the phone into the cable. This might not work on everyones stereo.

  18. Come to the town of Carol Stream, IL 😀

  19. U guys should boo me cuz i live in Cicero where “head quarters” is lol but i so wouldn’t get booed. I miss just calling/text in to just sat hi or to try and win tickets or request a song :-(

    • You’re in Cicero? We’re NUMBER ONE IN CICERO! That’s why the song request bureau is based there! That and Larry Dominick rented a very cheap room…just have to rub his back twice a week, and its free!

      • Yup been here forever. And listening since 94

  20. BOO me i would love to be booed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. hitting up the northern burbs?

  22. Awww! Is this only for people in the city? Or in the burbs too? I’d love to be Booed!

    • We Boo Foo’s everywhere…we may be seeing ya DRH!

  23. Better hurry up and hit buffalo grove. Me and my kids do this already in our neighborhood… but we call it hobgoblin…. so get us before we get you!

  24. How about we boo you at the mailing address…thats is if I can ever get through the construction traffic on 56

    • We answer our door naked, so you might want to rethink that one…

      • or not…….

  25. Hurry up and get me… we do the same thing here in Buffalo Grove already called Hobgoblin.

  26. PLS BOO in *HMD219* Hammond, IN!! 😀 Specifically around Purdue University Calumet 😀 CUZ WE <3 LOVE <3 Q101!!!! And really, if you BOO us here, we will spread it like wildfire! We take our love for Q101 very seriously 😉

  27. When does the Booing begin? I’m in Lockport and would have tons of jealous friends to rub their face in it if I got Boo’d! Please come and Boo me! So glad you guys are on the web! Radio sucks the big one without you!

  28. Pretty sure I will not be getting booed in Lemont by Q101…however I do boo others and have been booed myself. Though getting booed by Q101 would be WAY WAY better than some well meaning kids with candy…I would LOVE some Q101 swag!

  29. Would love to be Booed in MP. I have loved Booing others in the neighood with candy and snack bags.

  30. Do you Boo people in La Porte, Indiana?

  31. Come to Joliet! We celebrate BIG time in our neighborhood!! Boo to you!!!

  32. I miss listening to all of you on my way to and from class. I love this Boo! idea, I’ve always wanted to get my hands on some Q101 swag to show off my favorite radio station. I may have to fill out the Boo! form again though, cause I never got the confirmation email. I hope I get Booed (haha never thought I’d utter that sentence)

  33. While anxiously awaiting to be booed by Q101 (who will be coming to Lemont because it is a fantastic town filled with churches and pubs)…I just printed out a bunch of the Boo-ed sheets for some booing this weekend! Though I am not Q101…I am sure those I boo will feel quite special thinking they were boo-ed by the best station EVER! Happy Booing!

  34. algonquin LOVES to be booed, but since most of the kids are in college, it’s not as big as it use to be.. but our area LOVES Q101!!!

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