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Playboy Closing up Shop in Chicago

While Playboy magazine is less relevant today than ever, the brand and it’s face “Heff” are larger than life.  The magazine is moving most of it’s operations from Chicago to the left coast.  Forget bubbling crude…totally NUDE is coming to Beverly…HILLs that is.  That’s where the Southern California offices have already been consolidated to.  Playboy’s art, editorial and photo departments from Chicago will relocate in LA, closer the Hugh Heffner and the famed Playboy Mansion.

Playboy has been stuggling over the last few years.  This year brought a failed TV Show that was expected to breath some life into the once American Male mainstay, but that never happened.

The jury is still out on Lindsay Lohan’s “spread” and other stunts like putting Marge Simpson on the cover failed to reinvigorate the once 800 pound gorilla of Entertainment for Men.

The world is changing, and Playboy clearly needs to change with it.  Look for a transition away from the printing business and toward the multimedia entertainment business.


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