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3/10/12 – Support for The Devil Wears Prada
@ the Intersection – Grand Rapids, MI

In a more-niche-than-ever genre, it takes a lot to stand out. After the veritable monsoon of metalcore music in the early/mid-00’s, the “verse/chorus/breakdown/breakdown/slower-breakdown/chorus” formula just doesn’t cut it like it used to. If you followed that song structure, got a swoopy-doo, learned the two-step & did a little larynx damage, your band WOULD be playing somewhere. But, like all forms of music, trends either fade or morph into something new. The bands who stuck around had to evolve or die.

Fortunately, Every Time I Die has always been against the grain. They’re hardcore, but not. So they kind of are.
But really, they’re kind of not.

(Confusing? I explain it better in last week’s review of ETID’s new release, “Ex-Lives”.)

Placed on a like-genred bill (but not necessarily correctly paired), Every Time I Die’s prowess easily shined the brightest of the evening. On this leg of their North American tour, they play opening act for headliner The Devil Wears Prada, meaning Prada fans took crowd majority – but not without a fight. After taking the stage, two things were immediately clear: ETID is more energetic than ever, and the mosh pit is certainly not dead.

Kicking off their set with “Underwater Bimbos From Outer Space” (new album opener) – an immediate fury became of the crowd, stretching throughout an impressively well chosen setlist of career-spanning songs. They dug deep and evenly into their catalog – playing a balanced mix of new & old songs, while still treating fans to hits like “The New Black”, “Wanderlust”, “We’rewolf” & “Ebolarama”. Vocalist Keith Buckley gave near-studio renditions while the band (guitarists Jordan Buckley & Andy Williams, bassist Stephen Micciche and drummer Ryan Leger) energetically do their own material serious justice.

The Intersection of Grand Rapids played venue to the show, presenting itself like a massive basement – dark, clammy, very concrete. However, it’s punk-club-reminiscent aesthetic was the perfect compliment to such music. After the show, I had the chance to meet Keith, Jordan & Andy – a refreshing experience in meeting celebrity. The levels of success ETID have attained could very easily egotize these guys, but these Buffalo, NY-based dudes are as down-to-Earth as gravity comes. All three were very welcoming & friendly – an amusing parallel to such an aggressive band.

The unique quality to Every Time I Die is their appeal to those who don’t even consider heavy music “their bag”. Crossing multiple brands of rock, ETID put on one hell of a highly recommended show – pleasing everyone, including those kids who still came to two-step.

with Keith Buckley with Jordan Buckley with Andy Williams

(L-R, with Keith Buckley, Jordan Buckley & Andy Williams)

Next week, I’ll be attending / reviewing Scottish electronic artist Calvin Harris’ sold-out St. Patrick’s Day show at the Congress Theater here on Q101.com!
– Kyle

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