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Posted by on May 6, 2012 | 0 comments

The Rush are only down by 4 at the half. But that’s because they let Iowa score early, along with miscues and poor clock management the Rush find themselves behind instead of ahead. Russ Michna has thrown 2 touchdown passes to Reggie Gray and Terrance Turner. The other touchdown came from a 1 yard run by backup Quarterback Luke Drone. And just before halftime Mike Salerno kicked a 20 yard field goal. But Iowa Quarterback J.J. Raternik has thrown 3 touchdown passes to 3 different receivers. Raternik also has a rushing touchdown to his credit as well.

The Rush need to stop making mistakes and get it together on defense if they are going to take over in the 2nd half. You can continue to follow me on Twitter: @GabeSalgado82 Hashtag: #Q101Sports Here are the halftime stats:

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