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Honor Thy Father This Sunday

Posted by on Jun 12, 2012 | 0 comments

Honor Thy Father This Sunday

Setting up Dad on Father’s Day doesn’t seem to be nearly the amount of work to “get it right” like Mother’s Day. Most dads just want to be acknowledged. The gift doesn’t have to be expensive, just unique.

This Father’s Day (Sunday, June 17), find a way to inspire the man who has long inspired you. Here are some ideas that are big on meaning and small on cash.

Inspire a memory. Put together a small photo album containing pics of good memories the two of you share. A special fishing trip, a concert, or a fun vacation. Look at it together and relive the happiness.

Inspire a sport. Golf balls are ALWAYS good for a Dad who plays golf. Get the ones in a shiny new box, or look for and collect strays near your local golf course.

Inspire fitness. Your Papa is a wannabe pro cycler. Make sure his bike gear is gathered for him before his next ride. Fill up his water bottles, pack the trail mix, and send him off on a nice, long excursion.

Spend actual quality time with your Dad if you can. He’ll be gone one day, and you may wish for the chance to just talk with him. Tell him you love him.



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