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Papa Roach Frontman Considered Suicide

Posted by on Sep 16, 2012 | 0 comments

Papa Roach Frontman Considered Suicide

But he didn’t follow through, thankfully. Jacoby Shaddix realized at the last minute the “selfishness” of the act.

The singer, who was recently forced off the road with voice problems, tells Classic Rock’s sister title Metal Hammer: “I went to Sausalito to hang myself. I was in a f—-ing place, man.

“The booze, my lifestyle, this woman I’d been with since I was 16 – I’ve never been that f—ing broken. I was seriously going to finish it.”

Shaddix continues: “Suicide – that’s the most selfish act. I decided I had to endure the pain I was going through. I f—ng wrote a song instead.”

It took him a while to allow Papa Roach to take his lyrics and work up the track Before I Die, which appears on the band’s seventh studio album, The Connection.

 The Connection is released on October 1, with a European tour beginning in November.

We are SO glad you stuck with us Jacoby!



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