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Blow It Up

Posted by on Feb 18, 2013 | 0 comments

Blow It Up

houseWoohoo! Lucky to win the lotto! Not lucky to blow up the house. Lucky again, just to be alive. The Wichita Eagle reports that two brothers were partying together to celebrate a $75,000¬†winning lottery ticket, when they accidentally blew up their Wichita home.¬†Neither of the brother’s names has been reported.

From the Wichita Eagle:

One of the brothers went to the kitchen to refuel the butane torches they planned to use to light their bongs. He emptied a couple of large cans of butane lighter fluid, leaking butane into the air.


We all can deduce what happened next…BOOM!

One man was treated for second-degree burns and is in stable condition.

The other brother was arrested on drug charges after telling police he had meth and marijuana in the home.

Perhaps the lottery winnings can be used to retain a good lawyer.



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