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Marilyn Manson Collapses Onstage

Posted by on Feb 8, 2013 | 0 comments

Marilyn Manson Collapses Onstage

Marilyn Manson has been known to heighten the shock value at shows, but what happens when the “shock” is unintentional? During a show in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, on Wednesday night (Feb. 6), Manson collapsed and vomited onstage in the midst of the fan-favorite track ‘The Beautiful People.’

According to the Ottawa Citizen, the vocalist was rocking just like normal during the performance, then went down to one knee, which seemed like a traditional rock star move to get closer to the audience, he then fell to the stage and began to vomit.

An update on Manson’s condition has not been released and it is not known how this will affect his current itinerary.


Source: http://loudwire.com/marilyn-manson-collapses-onstage-in-canada/

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