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‘My Rats Don’t Judge Me’

Posted by on Mar 9, 2013 | 0 comments

‘My Rats Don’t Judge Me’

Chantal Banks is a grown woman with a family, and like many families, hers keeps pets. Except, in her case, the pets are rats, there are 19 of them and she appears to like them an awful lot. She likes them even more than her husband, apparently.

The April 3 episode of The Learning Channel’s “My Crazy Obsession” will explore Banks’ eccentric life, from the two-bedroom apartment she now shares with her rats, to her son’s bizarre assertion that the rats are his brothers and sisters, to the furtive grumbling of her estranged husband.

“My rats don’t judge me. They love me for who I am. When I cry, they lick my tears,” Banks told TLC. Here’s a clip:

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