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Win A Q101 T-Shirt, Finish THIS Sentence…

Win A Q101 T-Shirt, Finish THIS Sentence…

“A REAL man….”

One random comment below, or under this video on YouTube, OR a video response on YouTube will win a Q101 T-Shirt and some Q101 Stickers for your ride.

Support Q101 right away and BUY a Q101 T-Shirt HERE.  If you win another shirt, we’ll let you pick a new design or another size. NO purchase necessary, but support is ALWAYS appreciated!

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246 Responses to Win A Q101 T-Shirt, Finish THIS Sentence…

  1. Aaron Sadowski says:

    ….isn’t afraid to admit he loves Q101!

  2. meredith says:

    Flushes the toilet and puts the seat down before walking away.

  3. Fernando says:

    A REAL man is going to win this t-shirt!

  4. Heidi Steiner says:

    “A real man”…appreciates the little things in life: BBQ, boobs, and butt wipes.

  5. Angelica Gomez says:

    A REAL man listens to Q101. Chicago’s TRUE alternative station.

  6. Spider says:

    A real man knows how to love, laugh, and cry.

  7. Jordan says:

    A real man doesn’t cry when he steps on a lego.

  8. Brian says:

    Lets girls finish first!

  9. A REAL man knows how to treat a woman!

  10. Tony says:

    A real man rocks out hard and listens to q101!!!!!

  11. keri hamlin says:

    Eats bacon like a boss

  12. Alejandra Reynoso says:

    likes me for who I am.

  13. Dan says:

    Always holds the door for a woman

  14. Brian Schumacher says:

    A REAL man knows showing compassion isn’t showing weakness.

  15. Paul says:

    …get annoyed by lousy, annoying terrestrial radio stations and put Q101′s 90′s station on instead!

  16. Mike rettinger says:

    I real man knows how to take charge

  17. Quin Crawford says:

    …can do more than one shot of Jeppson’s Mallört

  18. Matthew Duque says:

    Gets his hands dirty!

  19. James Peterson says:

    A real man does his duty. Stands up for himself, his friends and more importantly his family. A real man wouldn’t find excuses to sway away or distance himself from those who love him. A real man know how to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders without breaking.

  20. Joseph Mirana says:

    Has fought and killed a bear with one hand tied behind his back and blindfolded.

  21. Bev Schwartz says:

    A real man isnt afraid to wear high heels and a skirt.

  22. Matt Grimler says:

    Doesn’t wear a scarf.

  23. Jon Kelley says:

    was born one.

  24. Omero Hernandez says:

    Listens to the real Q101

  25. Ramona says:

    Will listen to my kind of music and not complain about it while doing it!

  26. Paul griffin says:

    A real man cries.

  27. Mark Palahniuk says:

    Listens to music online

  28. Dave Hanczar says:

    …..would never bring an umbrella to an outdoor concert!

  29. Amber says:

    Has great taste in music!

  30. Mark Jones says:

    A real man listens to q101

  31. The Dago says:

    Rides a Harley blasting Q101!!!!

  32. Christian Williams says:

    …knows how to treat a lady right!!!

  33. Casey Garcia says:

    can rock a pompadour and some leather pants a la Alex Turner and Elvis.

  34. Nick says:

    ignores all the comments women made in this contest.

  35. TIFF says:

    Has massive soft jiggly balls :-P

  36. Vianka Calderon says:

    A REAL man shoots whiskey!

  37. Linda K. says:

    …. doesn’t gives a rat’s butt about what answers to this question…

  38. Daria Klocek says:

    “A real man….eat bacon! “

  39. Victoria says:

    A real man….Rocks underground

  40. Carlos says:

    needs a real woman

  41. Mike galvin says:

    A REAL man….listens to Q101!

  42. John Wetzel says:

    A Real Man Is Proud To Be Q101 Alternative!

  43. Tony Weeks says:

    Pronounces it “Adele Dazim”

  44. Diana Calingo says:

    A real man headbangs to Q101 while driving to a concert with a hot woman in the car!

  45. … Let’s his woman finish first ;)

  46. Ed says:

    has a penis.

  47. LaKeshia Stigall says:

    A real man respects his girl.

  48. kaitlyn Tomaino says:

    …is not afraid to show his dorky/geeky side.

  49. Eddie Shaffer says:

    A real man.. listens to Q-101!!

  50. Works every day to support his family and himself

  51. Lisa says:

    A REAL man…. Wears a Q101 shirt.

  52. has no problem correcting people about the REAL Q101 while stomping out badly replicated, over-processed, high fructose corn syrup imitations on the radio.

  53. susan coster says:

    buys his own clothes

  54. A real man carries the Michael Kors purse he bought me because it’s too heavy.

  55. sid Bagley says:

    A real man…knows how to rock!

  56. dave coster says:


  57. Ashley says:

    A REAL man… Pulls my hair and makes me his toy.

  58. John Tednes says:

    A real man helps others

  59. Dallas Gudewicz says:

    Puts his pants on both legs at a time.

  60. Donny A. says:

    Does NOT drive a Prius!

  61. Andy says:

    is a father to loves, protects and takes care of his kids. Plus raises them listening to only the best alternative music Q101 :)

  62. EJ Novak says:

    …must be swift as the coursing rain.

  63. Alicia Cozad says:

    A REAL MAN never wants to change anything about a woman except for her last name..

  64. Linc Myers says:

    Respects ALL people. Constantly strives to better himself and make those around him feel good.

  65. Carlos Soto says:

    Thank you for coming back to Q101!!!

  66. Eric Brown says:

    A real man would
    I need you to play “Top Notch” by Manchester Orchestra! I’ve been waiting for a month already.

  67. Anastasiya Olkanetskaya says:

    …always remembers the wine.

  68. Julie says:

    A real man LOVES HIS MOM!!!!

  69. mike burns says:

    “A real man only listens to Q101 all day long 7 days a week.”

  70. Virginia Poitra says:

    “A REAL man takes charge in everything he does”

  71. Hunter Funk says:

    A real man wouldn’t be caught dead at a Justin Bieber concert. No matter how much his kids beg.

  72. Jim Fitzgerald says:

    ….loves bacon.

  73. Amanda Svoboda says:

    Dont wear pink , he eats it. .

  74. Scott Shelton says:

    “A real man puff puff passes always”

  75. Jim Ignatowski says:

    has ALL presets on his radio set to Q101

  76. Dean Bekken says:

    doesn’t listen to Coldplay

  77. Buzz says:

    …wears headphones shaped like t-bone-Steaks.

  78. Sal Villegas says:

    ….doesn’t abuse females.

  79. Angela Jarosz says:

    Listens to Q101.

  80. Alyssa Johnson says:

    A real man works should work harder than I do.

  81. Michael S. says:

    A real man treats his partner with respect, love, understanding and compassion.

  82. steve says:

    isn’t afraid of the alternative!!! BAM!!!!

  83. cheryl junge says:

    Knows how to drive in the snow.

  84. Nicholas Knaperek says:

    …shaves his face this the tears of his enemies.

  85. Stephen J Sundberg says:

    Wears a Q101 T-shirt at concerts and out in the public to promote the station!

  86. Maribel Aranda says:

    A REAL MAN … Will finish the food for me

  87. Erik Neidlinger says:

    comes in like a wrecking ball.

  88. Macie says:

    Take care of their kids!!!!

  89. Amanda says:

    A real man… PLAYS BASS. :)

  90. marcia bradfield says:


  91. Bridget says:

    A real man has a beard.

  92. Javier Molotla says:

    Takes care of his own.

  93. Heidi says:

    A REAL man…eats pink

  94. Patrick Malloy says:

    Knows how to lift the toilet seat and put it back down so she doesn’t fall in.

  95. Adam says:

    will give you somethin’ that you won’t forget

  96. Efrain Hernandez Jr. says:

    always has steak and RH day everyday

  97. Natalie Martinez says:

    … doesn’t diss new alternative music just because he prefers Nirvana and NIN!

  98. Clarissa Murray Pozsgai says:

    A real man… likes women who love Q101!

  99. Glenn Pozsgai says:

    A Real Man… Rocks Out To Q101!

  100. Mic says:

    Don’t like Miley

  101. Tomas Gutierrez says:

    Has the character to do what’s right

  102. Sarah says:

    Rubs the lotion on it’s skin or else it gets the hose again.

  103. Keith Carter says:

    provides for his family.

  104. Ralph says:

    Wins a Q101 T-Shirt for finishing a sentence….

  105. Yvette Garro says:

    works hard, plays hard, and listens to Q101

  106. Daryle says:

    will not drive a Jeep that is an automatic transmission!

  107. Kachina says:

    A real man……handle his business!

  108. Sylvia Svoboda says:

    A REAL man doesn’t exist.

  109. Ron says:

    Listens to alternative

  110. Anne says:

    A real man… Will always let his girl change the radio. Especially since his stations suck, come on country! Stoked Q101 is back. Real music, for real people!!!!!!!!!!!!

  111. Ted Petry says:

    A real man gots balls.

  112. Laura says:

    Wears pink

  113. Hiren says:

    Wheres a Q101 t-shirt :)

  114. Samantha blue says:

    A real man listens to indie rock!

  115. nicole horn says:

    A real man will do anything for the people he loves

  116. Fred Thiel says:

    Is always there for his family, especially his children.

  117. G. Volchek says:

    … has 101 redeeming qualities!

  118. Alex says:

    prefers jerking off to sex.

  119. Nena says:

    A real man always puts his woman’s needs first.

  120. Janice G. says:

    Treats ladies the same way he wants to be treated.

  121. Dirce says:

    A real man…Knows how to salsa

  122. Ryan Jedrzejas says:

    … Doesn’t leave his bros behind.

  123. sharon says:

    is wonderful

  124. jason kaplan says:

    a real man must be kind and friendly to others and not be mean or nasty to his friends or the people around him wherever he is walking out in the community in either the neighbor hood or the the suburbs like the city.

  125. Jessica says:

    Does the laundry.

  126. Betsy says:

    Treats his mother, his sisters, and his woman the same way he’d want someone to treat his daughter. <3

  127. brian eggers says:

    finally get his wife to switch over to Q101. Need those stickers for BOTH cars now.

  128. Mystica says:

    ……Wears pink.

  129. Michelle Brown says:

    Likes midget porn

  130. phil cerza says:

    Gives her the Q101 shirt off his back!

  131. Renee says:

    Can dress like a woman, win an Oscar for it and still be the hottest man on earth.

  132. Vinny Vega says:

    A REAL MAN….Drinks Tall Boys Of PBR And Blasts Q101 ALL DAY/NIGHT LONG!!! Sooooo GLAD Q101 IS BACK!!!! Now We Get Our Concerts Back!?

  133. Rick Rousseau says:

    stands for something…..


    a real man has no fear of anything and never backs down.

  135. Eva says:

    A real man uses duct tape

  136. Gene West says:

    A real man can punch a unicorn in the gut.

  137. Maria Iser says:

    can admit when he is wrong.

  138. Javier Lopez says:

    A real man knows how to handle his own and his family.

  139. Kristin M Wilson says:

    buys her gal stuff, then buys himself stuff!

  140. Michael Greene says:

    Loves his family.

  141. Frank Pogorzelski says:

    A real man puts his family first and always listens to q 101…,

  142. Bill says:

    wants the real Q101 was on the air (now) at 101.1 FM.

  143. Bill says:

    wants the real Q101 on the air now at 101.1 FM in Chicago.

  144. Bill says:

    wants the real Q101 now on the air at 101.1 FM in Chicago.

  145. Tanya Hernandez says:

    Eats red meat!

  146. Sandee says:

    A real man will wear a pink shirt

  147. Stephanie says:

    A real man… doesn’t give a fuck.

  148. Christina says:

    is a blackhawks fan!!!

  149. Scott says:

    wears free sh*t with style.

  150. grace says:

    A real man…. is always chilled, like his beer.

  151. Andrew says:

    treats a lady better than he would his own mother.

  152. Michael Chavez says:

    A real man knows how to get out of trouble quicker than he got into it.

  153. Craig Spahr says:

    wears his Q101 shirt because he knows they rock!

  154. Chris Bender says:

    Is what I am!

  155. Wendi Whalen says:

    …lets his woman listen to Q101 whenever she wants!

  156. Connie says:

    A Real Man… listens to Q101

  157. Katie Kulen says:

    likes to Rock!

  158. donna mack says:

    doesnt have to prove hes a real man

  159. Amy Gould says:

    Takes his woman to a 30 Seconds to Mars concert!

  160. Jose Segra says:

    A real man is responsible, respectful and productive.

  161. Kevin says:

    Smells of sawdust and semen.

  162. Ernie Marcelain says:

    A real man…holds a door open for a lady and goes streaking with Q101 gear.

  163. Tim Lyons says:

    Says My give a dam button busted!!!!!!!!!!

  164. Melissa says:

    knows what he likes and isn’t afraid to go after it!

  165. Darryl says:

    A real man chooses Q101.

  166. Ricardo Guzman says:

    A real man eats bacon

  167. tim says:

    Listens to Q101! !!

  168. Janet Krawczyk says:

    Can spot a real woman!

  169. eric tomlinson says:

    A real man sits when he pees

  170. Tom Staroske says:

    Places his family & children in the highest priority and is always there for them.

  171. Todd says:

    is a stereotype.

  172. Skip says:

    fixes his own electronics

  173. Edra says:

    Does Not sit when he pees

  174. Danielle says:

    …is kind to animals.

  175. Feli says:

    takes one for the whole team!

  176. Jean-Yves Niedzwiecki says:

    “A real man is manly. Yes, but I like it too !”

  177. Dawn Rane says:

    “Real Men Are Q101 Alternative!”

  178. Jennie says:

    “A REAL man sends this lady an awesome Q101 tshirt.” !<3!

  179. Chris says:

    can make a slinky go upstairs.

  180. tom jermal says:

    Finishes 2nd

  181. Ogre says:

    A Real Man has all his radio stations set to Q101

  182. Larry Caponigro says:

    real men…………..respect women!

  183. Kat Ryan says:

    doesn’t seek to be defined by others.

  184. Blake says:

    Has tea parties with kid relatives without shame

  185. Nancy says:

    listens to Q101. Duh!

  186. Mary says:

    Goes down South for the Winter and come back up to Chicago in the Spring. :(

  187. Yvette says:

    A real man is okay asking for directions.

  188. Connie Crawford says:

    doesn’t dance to other people’s tune, instead, they play for others to dance.

  189. Kevin says:

    uses Axe Body wash

  190. Kevin says:

    is a Handyman

  191. Joan says:

    Really do miss q101&aren’t scared to show it!!

  192. Christopher Sajpel says:

    ….don’t wear skinny pants.

  193. Nicholas Zacny says:

    …shovels the walk for the neighbors.

  194. Jeannie Calabrese says:

    A real man never hits a woman or an animal.

  195. Ed Palenik says:

    Loves his woman EVERY day of the month!

  196. Steve Claassen says:

    A real man wears a Q101 tshirt in the shower with his girlfriend.

  197. John Adams says:

    is looking at me in the mirror

  198. Fernando Moran says:

    Never goes in dry!

  199. Donna Kiel says:

    A real man…..
    Reaches for the remote and gives it to his partner
    Expects to be wrong in a discussion
    Affirms her even if he’s not sure why
    Listens or pretends to even if he doesn’t understand

  200. Bill says:

    A real man keeps up with the Kardashians

  201. Antonio Castrejon says:

    walks the line

  202. josh says:

    a real man play video games

  203. Lorrel Greyczik says:

    A real man wears pink panties proudly

  204. Bill Zakosek says:

    A real man….listens to Q101 while working on his car

  205. Allison says:

    Crys while watching the bachelor :P

  206. Dave says:

    asks for directions.

  207. Brigitte says:

    …loves cats who listen to Q101…

  208. Nic says:

    Doesn’t listen to the new 101.1!!!!

  209. Clarissa Murray-Pozsgai says:

    A real man… buys “girlie supplies” when his wife needs them! Thanks honey! I’ll repay you in a BIG way (wink, wink)!

  210. Christopher Ownby says:

    A REAL man……always puts the toilet seat down after relieving himself.

  211. Rubi says:

    A Real Man always says yes, always.

  212. Rob Ruff says:

    can play the drums.

  213. Miguel Sousa says:

    Does not listen to country music.

  214. Jose Aguinaga says:

    puts Q101. stickers on their cooler!

  215. luis says:

    A real man wears his Q101 shirt with pride!

  216. Mark Glass says:

    Makes sure that his girl is a Q101 listener!!!

  217. Adam says:

    Can grow a beard year-round

  218. Nicole Cardella Knapp says:

    “A Real Man”….is successful

  219. Mike says:

    Gets a god damn tee shirt

  220. coll ryan says:

    A real man…sees the truth about himself.

  221. Don’t care what others think about how ugly or beautiful his wife may be.

  222. amy vuckovich says:

    a real man,, pee’s sitting down, dont ask why i see this alot but i do, that is all, thank you.

  223. Ryan says:

    gets what he wants

  224. Kristin says:

    A real man isn’t afraid to date a roller derby chick!!! Come check out the ladies of Rockford Rage battle on March 29th at the Rockford Indoor Sports Center, starts at 7PM! :) #MarchMadness

  225. Keith says:

    wears white after labor day

  226. Elizabeth Indoe says:

    A real man can grow an epic beard but also trim nose hairs :)

  227. nina says:

    Is Always True ……………….

  228. Gina Aguilar says:

    A real man will say sorry when he knows he is wrong ..,

  229. christian says:

    a real man listens to Q101

  230. Megan says:

    tucks it back and dances in the mirror like a girl.

  231. megan says:

    A real man… does whatever he wants to.

  232. jason granville says:

    A real man loves his Blackhawks!

  233. David says:

    Doesn’t use utensils

  234. Tiffany says:

    will NOT use the phrase ‘swiggity swag’.

  235. Linda Bautista says:

    A real man… is’nt afraid of what his buddies would say if he said he was a feminist.

  236. Yanni says:

    ..doesn’t need to finish this sentence.

  237. A real man puts the toilet seat down after he uses it

  238. April says:

    A real man farts.

  239. April says:

    A real man loves.

  240. Margaret says:

    doesn’t care what someone else says a “real” man does!

  241. Clara says:

    A real man gets Q’d up

  242. Sabrina says:

    “A REAL man…..” can brew his own beer

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