Chris Cornell-Scott Weiland-Say Hello 2 Heaven

Hear Chris Cornell Play “Say Hello 2 Heaven” For Scott Weiland

The death of Stone Temple Pilots’ Frontman Scott Weiland shook the rock world after it was announced last week. Tributes and memorial posts flooded social media as colleagues and fans mourned together. One day after Weiland was found unresponsive in his tour bus, close friend Chris Cornell performed a chilling tribute to Weiland with an…


Cyber Monday Deal Of The Century: 3 Q101 Shirts for $30

So here’s the deal: We recently cleaned out an old prize closet and found these 3 kick-ass designs for Q101 t-shirts. Naturally…we kept them for ourselves But now we’re preparing to share them with YOU Q101 Nation! These bad boys cost $24 per shirt and that’s like a LOT of dough. So we’re willing to…


A Message To Black Friday Shoppers

Hotter than a pair of $5 socks on sale for $4…Dilson and Bacchi are ready to roast the consumer holiday that is BLACK FRIDAY. If you’re not first you’re last apparently when it comes to waiting in long lines in the cold. Are you one the of crazies? Save yourself, save your wallet and save…

Dilson and Bacchi

Dilson & Bacchi Caught With Drugs and Hookers?!?

They wish. The boys are back to rip on everyone’s favorite rabbit cage liner…the tabloids. All you see is stories about SEX and DRUGS and SCANDAL and DIVORCE and ALIENS and MORE DRUGS and LEAKED PHOTOS… Well now prepare to hear the truth. Let us know what you think.


You Have To See The 2015 Version Of Ironic By Alanis Morissette

Alanis Morissette has been on fire recently. First she performed a memorable cover with Jimmy Fallon while dressed like a chicken. Now she’s updating one of her mega-hits with a new 2015 version. “Ironic” was just fine the way it was but Morissette, and late night host James Corden, have certainly updated the lyrics to…


Public Bathrooms Are Disgusting As All Hell…

Dilson and Bacchi are back to rip on the social disaster that is using a public bathroom. We’ve all done it, we’ve all suffered through it and now…we can all laugh about it. Do you think these guys are on to something? What else should we ask them about? Let us know in the comments.

foo fighters website countdown

Something Strange Is Going On With The Foo Fighters Website…

We decided to take a quick peek at the Foo Fighters website today and noticed something out of the ordinary…. Instead of their normal website, the band’s page takes you to a ticking countdown. There’s some audio in the background but that doesn’t provide many clues as its mostly indistinguishable voices chatting in the distance….


Q101’s NEW Nite DUO??

Q101’s NEW Nite DUO?? Dilson and Bacchi have been begging us to get them on the air at Q101…so we let them audition in the AM studio… What do you think of these two characters? Would you listen to them and watch them? Think YOU can do better? Thumbs UP? What do YOU think they…

10 Reasons We Love TEN by Pearl Jam

As far as debut albums go, TEN by Pearl Jam is as close to a perfect 10 as you can get. Here’s 10 reasons why we LOVE the album TEN by Pearl Jam. GET YOUR OWN COPY ON AMAZON BY CLICKING HERE 1. It produced three massive hit singles such as “Alive“, “Even Flow” and…

Q101 Logo

Q101 Album Club – July 24, 2015

  Each week we post an album from our favorites collection. Think you can guess which album we’re talking about based on the clues? Try your luck below! Today’s album comes from a true blue Q101 favorite. While not one of their few studio albums, this album has the same, if not more, popularity of…

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