Jimmy Kimmel 2

Korn hooks up Q101 on Jimmy Kimmel Live 2/2/12

Thanks to Q101 Fan Jon who sent us a tweet about this. Korn performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live 2/2/12 and they were awesome enough to have a Q101 sticker on their gear…SMACK dab in the middle of the screen.  Thanks Korn!  Thanks Camera guy!  Thanks Jimmy Kimmel!  

Menards Needs Truck Drivers

NOW HIRING: Batavia Menards Needs Business Minded Delivery Drivers

MAKE big money with Menard’s: Here’s your chance to be your own boss and make some money.  Maybe it is too good to be true….but it appears as though Menard’s willing to put their muscle behind your hussel so you can make money together. Maybe this is just the opportunity you’ve been looking for. There’s…


Q101 “New” Music Adds Week of 2/3/12

Some of these tunes have been in the hopper for a few weeks, but as the Q101 Crew get’s some systems down..we will be posting Q101 Adds here for you to see what’s cooking on Q101. Q101 Currents – 2/3/12 Simple Song – The Shins (@TheShins) Color On The Walls – Foster The People (@FosterThePeople)…


Groundhog Day Again? I Got You Babe will Never play on Q101…Bill Murray could though

Today is Groundhog Day.  It (the holiday) never made any sense to me at all.  I realize it’s not supposed to…it’s tradition after all.  The Greek translation of “tradition” is literally to do shit just cause you’ve always done it…even if it doesn’t make sense.  At least that’s what wikipedia said. So if this rodent SEES…


D’Ja Ever Wonder What Happened To The Music & Radio Biz?

If you love or make music, and you love or loved radio (as we did, have, and still do to a degree), you must watch this video. This is very well done, and especially chilling that it appears to be a decade or more old.  Frank Zappa (God rest his soul) hasn’t looked like he…


Chicagoans Roll At UFC @ UC

The Ultimate Fighting Championship blew into Chicago for UFC on Fox and it was Rashad Evans facing Phil Davis in a light-heavyweight bout at the United Center. The last time the UFC had held an event in Illinois was UFC 90 in 2008. In the main event, Evans (22-1-1, 12-1-1 UFC) won a unanimous decision…

rise against thumb

Rise Against, Friends Rock The Halls, And Rattle Walls

The Rise Against/A Day To Remember/The Menzingers show at the UIC Pavilion was a party full of surprises. The venue, the UIC Pavilion , is generally used for the basketball season for their team the UIC Flames. Off-days, and off-season, the venue plays host to various conventions, boxing matches, and concerts like these. Like any…