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The Princess & the Pepper Spray

October 17th, 2012 | by

A NewYork teenager has been charged with assault following an unusual attack involving homemade pepper spray. ‘The “Pepper Spray Princess,”

Stabbin’ at Chuckie’s

October 13th, 2012 | by

This was no ordinary peeved waiter. Last week,  an employee at a Chicago Chuck E. Cheese stands accused of  allegedly

Giving Tats a Bad Rap

September 16th, 2012 | by

Drugs can make people do bad things.  Like getting your EYEBALL tattooed black. Covering half of your face with skulls

Creepy Carnie Arrested

September 8th, 2012 | by

What’s creepier, clowns or carnies? What about creepy carnies accused of sexual assault in the the fun house? A carnival

One Night In Bangkok

August 23rd, 2012 | by

Can the severely mentally ill be considered “jerks”? Oh yeah, definitely.  SOMEONE here is a jerk for letting this happen.

Who Stabbed Grandpa?

August 16th, 2012 | by

Convicted mentally ill felons are sleeping among our beloved grandparents in Illinois nursing homes. They are also doing more than

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