Local 101 Show This Saturday Night – Feb. 25th – Lucky Boys Confusion

There might be a few tickets left to see LBC with Q101’s Local 101. Buy tickets here. We have a special parking deal for Q101 fans like you.  Normally parking is $18.  We hooked you up with $5 parking.  Sign up for discounted parking here. Expect a few surprise guests from Q101.  It’s going to…


Chris Cornell Sings Whitney Houston, Singing Dolly Parton…

Whitney Houston dusted off this “old” song from Dolly Parton for the the soundtrack to The Bodyguard with Kevin Costner. This is Chris Cornell singing Whitney Houston, singing Dolly Parton. He’s a great performer. The audience loved it, and so does Q101.


$38,000 a Ticket to see Foo Fighters?

And YOU thought Lollapalooza ticket prices were high… Imagine paying $38,000 to see the Foo Fighters.  Who is spending 38 LARGE on a ticket for anything????  That’s a car, or even a house in some places! The President of the United States of America throws THE sickest parties though, yo.  You gotta pay $38,000 for…


Radiohead, Red Hot Chili Pepprers and…..The Beach Boys @Bonnaroo???

It was hard enough to come to grips with the idea Bonnaroo has NOTHING to do with Bono from U2…now there’s a new issue we have to wrangle with in our feeble little brains…. The Beach Boys are playing Bonnaroo. Not some punk band called the Beach Boys…those Beach Boys, the Kokomo “we’ll get there…

Gang-Free News You Can Use: Foos, Our Lady Peace, Eve 6, Blink 182, Deftones

Foos & Fellow Lolla ’11 Act To Reunite At Grammys The Foo Fighters will be joined by dance titan Deadmau5 for a performance at the Grammy Awards on Sunday, February 12. The ceremony, set to take place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, will pay tribute to electronic music. The Foo Fighters and Deadmau5…

Jimmy Kimmel 2

Korn hooks up Q101 on Jimmy Kimmel Live 2/2/12

Thanks to Q101 Fan Jon who sent us a tweet about this. Korn performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live 2/2/12 and they were awesome enough to have a Q101 sticker on their gear…SMACK dab in the middle of the screen.  Thanks Korn!  Thanks Camera guy!  Thanks Jimmy Kimmel!  


Q101 “New” Music Adds Week of 2/3/12

Some of these tunes have been in the hopper for a few weeks, but as the Q101 Crew get’s some systems down..we will be posting Q101 Adds here for you to see what’s cooking on Q101. Q101 Currents – 2/3/12 Simple Song – The Shins (@TheShins) Color On The Walls – Foster The People (@FosterThePeople)…


D’Ja Ever Wonder What Happened To The Music & Radio Biz?

If you love or make music, and you love or loved radio (as we did, have, and still do to a degree), you must watch this video. This is very well done, and especially chilling that it appears to be a decade or more old.  Frank Zappa (God rest his soul) hasn’t looked like he…

rise against thumb

Rise Against, Friends Rock The Halls, And Rattle Walls

The Rise Against/A Day To Remember/The Menzingers show at the UIC Pavilion was a party full of surprises. The venue, the UIC Pavilion , is generally used for the basketball season for their team the UIC Flames. Off-days, and off-season, the venue plays host to various conventions, boxing matches, and concerts like these. Like any…

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