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The Offspring New Release Available June 26

In exactly one month, The Offspring will release their new album, Days Go By. The Offspring, from Huntington Beach, CA,  have sold over 34 million albums worldwide, making them one of the best-selling punk rock acts of all time. Each album since the release of their 1994 album Smash has sold over a million units….


100 Band Names Not Yet Snagged

Pig Rectum. Wheezing Porno Goldfish. Kajagoogoo. Wait just a second, that last one’s already been used. What the heck is actually IN a band name? Simple ones contain the name of the person who are the main feature. Beck. Morrissey. Moby. Others wish to remain unobtrusive. The Smiths, for example. You can’t get much more…


All Time Low-Life on the Road

As I revved the engine of the Ducati motorcycle between my legs and checked my aim down the hallway of the Beverly Hills Hotel—obviously to make sure I caused as much damage as possible—the last thing I thought to myself as I let go of the hand brake was, “I hope I didn’t give the front…


My Chemical Romance Heads Back to the Studio

With most of the new songs written, My Chemical Romance will be heading back to the studio next month  to begin recording. During an interview with The Aquarian, Frank Iero, guitarist, said “It’s going really well, actually. I’m really excited. I can’t wait to start tracking. I think we’re maybe a month away from the record…

New Q: Jack White, Silversun Pickups, Cribs, Vaccines

Q101 is happy to welcome Bruce Rave, one of America’s top experts on new music. Originally from Chicago, Bruce moved to LA and gained fame as an A & R man at Capitol Records. His ears have first heard some of the biggest bands in the world in the last quarter century. He’s graciously agreed…


Flyleaf to Play Benefit Concert for Fallen Member

Flyleaf appears to be a five-piece, multi-platinum alternative band from Texas. Not quite. Fans might be surprised to know that for 10 years there has been a sixth member of the band. Flyleaf’s sound engineer Rich Caldwell has had a dramatic impact on the sound and success of the band, so much so that Flyleaf…


LBC Shock, Sadness: Guitarist Joe Sell, 33, Passes Away

Just months ago, Q101 was proud to relaunch Local 101 with a special, intimate performance by Lucky Boys Confusion at The Montrose Room in Rosemont.  For the lucky few who made it into that room that night (many had to be turned away at the door of the venue inside the Hotel Incontinental), it was…