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A Better Camera

September 1st, 2012 | by

Samsung’s newest device, the Galaxy Camera, puts the camera first and the phone second.  You won’t be able to make

Why? Why Not?

August 29th, 2012 | by

Wanna part with some cash for no good reason? This little android could be YOURS to control with your OWN

A Dozen New Gadgets

August 15th, 2012 | by

Unofficially labeled a “speed management” tool, the Cobra iRadar fits the bill as the “coolest” gadget here. CNet reviewed the

Google’s Own Superhighway

August 4th, 2012 | by

Google Fiber will provide internet services 100 times faster than is currently available. It will launch late this year, with high-speed

Jackin’ a ‘Droid

July 28th, 2012 | by

Fortunately, Charlie Miller is on the Good Guys side. A skilled hacker, Mr. Miller demonstrated  how to hijack a smartphone via

iPhone 5 Slims Down

July 18th, 2012 | by

Bigger and thinner. That’s what the latest reports are saying about the screen on the new Apple iPhone 5. The

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