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  2. mt says:

    Good luck on the “new” format! Love the song choices so far. Don’t forget we’ve got 30+ years of alternative music to choose from.

  3. Nancy says:

    Before you guys moved FROM Q101 to Q87.7 then back again, I used to be able to see the songs that were being played & had just been played on that station – where do I go now to find this list?

  4. Eric Smith says:

    1st. Can you please post the Q101 TEXT # for “SONGS” (to get last songs played) or atleast post if it’s still 312877.
    And lastly…
    Thank whatever God exists that Q101 is back. I predicted almost to the month that you guys would be back (excluding 87.7)! Are you bringing back Sherman&Tingle???? Elektra? I KNEW that d-bag who bought and changed the station would realize that no one wanted another B96 crap station. Just keep up with the Local 101 and bring back Sherman and Tingle!!!!!!!!

  5. margaret says:

    I heard today on your station that the neighbourhood concert at the aragon ballroom in chicago was postponed. But I can’t find any information on that anywhere else. Is this true?


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