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Q101 Apps

Q101 Apps

Thanks to our FREE mobile apps, you can tune in and enjoy Q101 anywhere via your smart phone. Wherever you go, you can bring the Q101 experience with you!

Q101 On Your iPhone/iPod/iPad

Our iPhone app is now available for free download in the iTunes App Store! Download the app here and start streaming music from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch!

Q101 on your Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone Apps

When we win the lottery will pay someone to make an app for our Android, Blackberry and Windows users. Until then, TuneIn has a great app that works with those phones and its FREE! Search for the TuneIn app on your device, download it (if you don’t have it), do a search for Q101 in the app, once you see our channels, save them to your FAVORITES on the app and voila! Instant Q101 anytime, anywhere. http://tunein.com/search/?query=q101.com


Listen To Q101 In Your Car

Many of today’s newer cars are bluetooth enabled so all you have to do is press play (in the app) and you’ll be listening in seconds. Many other cars have AUX inputs built into your radio. Simply pick up a short ‘patch cord’ that matches the size of your phone’s earphone plug, take the other side, plug that into the AUX of your radio tuner and then open the app that has our channels and you’ll be jammin’ in seconds.

Q101 On Your TV

Yes it’s true!  You can listen to Q101 on your TV at home.  Q101 is now available on Apple TV!  If you have an Apple TV device (just $99 at the apple store) and Wifi in your home all you have to do is go to the Apple TV menu then select INTERNET>RADIO>ALTERNATIVE ROCK

Then just scroll down to Alternative Q101 Chicago

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