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Local 101 is Q101′s Chicago Music Program.  What started as a boutique local music show hosted by Carla Leonardo on 101.1 in the early 90s evolved into Chicago’s longest running local music show thanks to hosts like James VanOsdol and Chris Payne, great bands like Smashing Pumpkins, Fall Out Boy, and Kill Hannah (to name just a mere few of the multitudes that Local 101 has broken and featured) and of course, millions of loyal listeners. Each week, Q101 on FB either passes 1,000,000 people seeing our posts or damn near close to it! LOCAL 101 lives on right here.

If you are in a local band and you want to be heard and exposed to music lovers in Chicago [and around the world] then here’s your chance.


Simply post your music to YouTube (if you don’t have any there yet)

Grab the link and post it on our LOCAL 101 Facebook page, here’s that link https://www.facebook.com/101local

That’s it!

Any other form of submission will not not be accepted, we’re just not staffed to do it any other way and hope you understand.

NOTE: Local 101 is for Chicago area bands ONLY. If you’re an artist outside of our metro area but would like airplay consideration, address all music to q101chicagorock@gmail.com

Thank you.

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