simple plan new song

Hear The Latest Track From Simple Plan Before Their Album Drops

We must say…we’re addicted to this new Simple Plan song. The guys are all set to release their first album in 3 years this Friday (February 19) but that doesn’t mean you’ll have to wait till then to hear new music. The band announced the new track on their Facebook page which is title “Farewell”…


Local 101 – Walsher Clemons – “Dance Like A Lunatic”

Local 101: Chicago Alternative Music Local 101 on IS your home for Local Chicago Alternative Music! This Local 101 comes from the Chicago-based group Walsher Clemons. Check out their bio as found on their website! Walsher Clemons is a dynamic blend of Rock, Funk, and Jazz, with the danceability of Pop music and…


Watch This Crazy Go-Pro Drum Solo From DMB Drummer Carter Beauford

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sit behind the drums while Dave Matthews Band drummer Carter Beauford plays a drum solo? Well now you can! Thanks to a video uploaded by GoPro. The video is shot on a Go-Pro camera which allows you to see the solo from Carter’s perspective. Needless…

kurt cobain vocals smells

This Vocal Isolation Of Smells Like Teen Spirit Is Creepily Awesome

The internet has fallen in love with isolating vocals lately. First it was Courtney Love¬†and now, her late husband Kurt Cobain. Someone went through the trouble to isolate Cobain’s vocals on the timeless Smells Like Teen Spirit record and the result is well…you be the judge. We think it sounds creepy…in the most awesome way…


Flea From Red Hot Chili Peppers Can’t Stand Donald Trump

Flea From Red Hot Chili Peppers Can’t Stand Donald Trump and we can’t say we’re surprised. RHCP bassist Flea is the latest celebrity to go public with his disdain of Donald Trump. Flea went as far to call The Donald a “silly reality¬†show bozo and blustering guy who likes getting attention” and said Trump is…

Chris Cornell-Scott Weiland-Say Hello 2 Heaven

Hear Chris Cornell Play “Say Hello 2 Heaven” For Scott Weiland

The death of Stone Temple Pilots’ Frontman Scott Weiland shook the rock world after it was announced last week. Tributes and memorial posts flooded social media as colleagues and fans mourned together. One day after Weiland was found unresponsive in his tour bus, close friend Chris Cornell performed a chilling tribute to Weiland with an…


Public Bathrooms Are Disgusting As All Hell…

Dilson and Bacchi are back to rip on the social disaster that is using a public bathroom. We’ve all done it, we’ve all suffered through it and now…we can all laugh about it. Do you think these guys are on to something? What else should we ask them about? Let us know in the comments.


Q101’s NEW Nite DUO??

Q101’s NEW Nite DUO?? Dilson and Bacchi have been begging us to get them on the air at Q101…so we let them audition in the AM studio… What do you think of these two characters? Would you listen to them and watch them? Think YOU can do better? Thumbs UP? What do YOU think they…

10 Reasons We Love TEN by Pearl Jam

As far as debut albums go, TEN by Pearl Jam is as close to a perfect 10 as you can get. Here’s 10 reasons why we LOVE the album TEN by Pearl Jam. GET YOUR OWN COPY ON AMAZON BY CLICKING HERE 1. It produced three massive hit singles such as “Alive“, “Even Flow” and…


Foo101 Daily: July 9, 2015

You want Foo tickets? We’ve got Foo Tickets… Share our Foo101 Daily photo meme on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr…EVERYWHERE The more you share, the more tickets we release so happy sharing! And good luck from Foo101!     Here is today’s Official Foo101 Photo Meme:

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