Q101 Top 101 Songs of 1994

Q101 Top 101 Songs of 1994 It was the year of Pulp Fiction, Dumb & Dumber, OJ’s car chase and much more.  These are Q101’s Top 101 Songs of 1994 along with all the biggest stories of the year below. 1. Nine Inch Nails – Closer 2. Soundgarden – Black Hole Sun 3. The Offspring…


Q101’s Top 101 Songs of 1993

Q101 Top 101 of 1993 Let’s take a trip in the “way back machine”, shall we? All the way back to 1993! It was a glorious time to be alive. Dinosaurs were back from the dead, soccer players were eating each other and the FBI was hot on the trail of little green men. How…


Q101 Top 101 Songs of 1992

Watch The Q101 Top 101 Alternative/Modern Rock Songs/Videos of 1992 Below What’s most amazing about the year Q101 went from the Murphy In The Morning era to what we Chicago still enjoys this day is the amount of diversity you’ll find in the 1992 debut year for the ‘alternative’. Notice traces of rave, techno and…

awolnation q101 interview

Interview With AWOLNATION

Classic Q101 interview with AWOLNATION at the 2011 Q101 Jamboree Back in the day, Tim Virgin was the big wig, king rootin’ tootin’ here at Q101. Tim’s a great guy and he did a stellar job of interviewing AWOLNATION below. ABOUT AWOLNATION Awolnation (usually stylized as AWOLNATION) is an American electronic rock band, formed and…

Chicago Cubs Season Starts With Q101, Bud Light and Casey Moran's

Chicago Cubs Season Starts With Q101, Bud Light and Casey Moran’s

Chicago Cubs Season Starts With Q101, Bud Light and Casey Moran’s There is only one way to start preparing for a BIG season on the northside – Cubs fans, Q101 and Bud Light at Casey Moran’s in Wrigleyville. If you are ready for the special season that is about to take place, share this video!

rise against local 101 flashbaq

FlashbaQ – Tim McIlrath gets interviewed on Local 101

Today’s FlashbaQ comes from 2011 when Rise Against frontman and loyal Chicagoan Tim McIlrath sat down for an interview with Q101’s Chris Payne. Listen to McIlrath talk music, festivals, videos and more! In the mood for some more old school Q101? Check out our limited edition vintage Q101 T Shirt Collection!


David Bowie Tribute Set For Grammy’s

It’s been almost 1 month since the Thin White Duke died and the tributes are still pouring in. The latest artist to honor Bowie will be doing it on the grandest stage of all, the Grammy’s. Lady Gaga will perform a “a multi sensory testament” to the life and work of Bowie…whatever that means…at music’s…


Flea From Red Hot Chili Peppers Can’t Stand Donald Trump

Flea From Red Hot Chili Peppers Can’t Stand Donald Trump and we can’t say we’re surprised. RHCP bassist Flea is the latest celebrity to go public with his disdain of Donald Trump. Flea went as far to call The Donald a “silly reality show bozo and blustering guy who likes getting attention” and said Trump is…


Cyber Monday Deal Of The Century: 3 Q101 Shirts for $30

So here’s the deal: We recently cleaned out an old prize closet and found these 3 kick-ass designs for Q101 t-shirts. Naturally…we kept them for ourselves 🙂 But now we’re preparing to share them with YOU Q101 Nation! These bad boys cost $24 per shirt and that’s like a LOT of dough. So we’re willing…

Dilson and Bacchi

Dilson & Bacchi Caught With Drugs and Hookers?!?

They wish. The boys are back to rip on everyone’s favorite rabbit cage liner…the tabloids. All you see is stories about SEX and DRUGS and SCANDAL and DIVORCE and ALIENS and MORE DRUGS and LEAKED PHOTOS… Well now prepare to hear the truth. Let us know what you think.

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