What’s Really Going On With Soundcloud And Royalties

What’s Really Going On With Soundcloud And Royalties With Soundcloud removing people’s work at the speed of sound, Sal Amato, head of our sister site EDM America TV (and PD of all of Q101.com’s channels) took the time to lay out what’s going to happen and what to expect back in April regarding Soudncloud. It’s…


YEAH! Infinite ‘Yeahs’ by James Hetfield

Metallica frontman James Hetfield sure loves to say, “Yeah!” Both beloved and playfully lampooned for his legendary use of the affirmative, James Hetfield and his “Yeah’s” have been immortalized by a diligent audio technician, who has compiled every single “Yeah!” from Hetfield’s recorded history into a hilarious three-minute-and-sixteen-second montage. Check out the James Hetfield ‘Yeah!’ compilation, and to…


Killers Holiday Tune For Charity

Here for their annual Christmas single, are The Killers! The band recorded “I Feel It in My Bones” featuring Ryan Pardey on vocals, on a day off during their U.K. tour. The Killers will release “I Feel It in My Bones” on December 4th on iTunes. All sales from the song will benefit RED,  a charity to…