Burlesque Star Wars Stage Show Has SpaceBalls

Here we go again, after cornering the market on bouncy perky shows in the comedic pastie department. Gorilla Tango on Chicago’s north side is extending their monopoly with an epic new Star Wars action adventure show, A NUDE HOPE: A STAR WARS BURLESQUE.

Gorilla Tango has found a niche and a steady income stream in boobs, and very nice boobs! They are on display in this new Lucas Arts UNapproved Star Wars Burlesque show. It’s not your run of the mill bump and grind.

A sexually frustrated and very whiny farmer, Luke Skywalker(Bottom Heavy Betty), plays a perfect disaffected youth in a bad blonde wig. She whines her way through the show collecting laughs every time she speaks.Luke is longing to rescue the luscious Princess Leia(Maire Curiosity) prisoner of the sadomasochistic villain, Darth Vader(Hello Dali). They find some help along the way from a few malfunctioning droids, a rouge she-hunk named Han Solo, played with charm and confidence by Cinnamon Twist and a Wookie companion (who never wears pants!) to rescue her heiney-ness. Of course, along to guide them is the senile but sensual Obi-Wan-Kenobi (Diva La Vida).


It’s true to the Star Wars episode in plot and dialog which is comforting and very funny. My favorite part of the show was the period disco music which included Rubberman by the Spinners, Carwash by Rose Royce, Do the Hustle by Van McCoy, Come Sail Away by Styx, and Macho Man and In the Navy by The Village People. The choices were, aside from The Village People, obscure and awesome! They added an extra element and reminder that Star Wars came out smack dab in the middle of the disco craze.

You can’t go wrong with any burlesque show at Gorilla Tango, I have seen almost all of them and they are clever, sexy, funny and very entertaining.
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By Lee Klawans

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