We’re at the Blink 182 Show at First Midwest Bank Amphitheater….John texts us and asked “if I write Q101 4 Life on my chest and show up to FMBA will you give me a shirt?”

Our response, why stop there?  Get Q101 4 Life tattooed on your chest in gansta letters and we’ll consider giving you company STOCK.

Being the animal that John is, he came….he saw….he tracked US down and proudly presented his work of art.  A few weeks later superfan John opened his mailbox to find……another set of bills and junk mail.  BUT, he also found a small package from Q101!  WAIT….I mean a A LARGE PACKAGE FROM Q101….ENORMOUS package.

Feel free to follow John the Q101 Superfan on twitter he is @FauxTehRusskie


3 thoughts on “Duh….#WINNING

  1. I was at Uproar on 9/18. It was great to hear a number of the bands speaking out about the loss of Q101 to the metal community and to the city of Chicago. Its nice to know that even the bands think that Q101 going off the air sucks.

    1. I agree. I was there with my friend and we both were so happy that q101 got mentioned at the uproar fest. I miss q101, i really wish they would come back on air, they helped soo many band get started, with their career.They deserve to be on air, and them going off air upset soo many people, including me. It sucks, it really does and I am awaiting the day when i hear all the dj’s voices again on air, so they can make my day with their randomness, and goofing around. I miss all of you guys, hope to hear q101’s sherman & Tingle, Electra, chris Payne, and everyone else including visitors, calls into the studio, hearing the conversations you guys have make my day.

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