How can fans help Q101 get on the radio?

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date Sat, Sep 24, 2011 at 10:26 AM
subject Re: wanna get Q101 back on the radio?

Good Morning Matt,

The response to your question is HELL YEAH! I truly miss hearing Sherman and Tingle in the mornings and from time to time when I was out of school hearing Electra as well. They would always have interesting subject matter to talk about and I loved the music. I have been raised in the culture of rock ‘n roll and heavy metal and all that screams awesome. I feel that alternative has always had a place in my heart and I would love to see Q101.1 back on the radio. I believe that all people should be exposed to all different kinds of music and that even what might be posed as too controversial or too eclectic or even too unknown or uncomfortable like alternative should remain there as a means for people to try something new. As for us folks who love it already I’m sure there are other people that miss it – like 101,000 people that miss it and would like it on Facebook. However, I can never like it on Facebook because I destroyed it due to harassment and too many haters. So the big question is how can I the Facebook hater or anyone else that can’t use Facebook help to get Q101.1 up and running? What is an alternative (haha) way to be active in getting Q101.1 back on air?

Thanks so much for reading my long-winded spiel, XD



date Sat, Sep 24, 2011 at 12:58 PM
subject Re: wanna get Q101 back on the radio?


Hey Sophia!


Thanks for the email.  Really cool.
It’s awesome you care enough to think about this Q101 let alone compose an email.This is what the advertising world and broadcasting world doesnt understand.  We’ve worked in it for 15+ years.
It’s maddening.

The bottom line is, the Facebook mission is one piece of the puzzle.  It’s one example for advertisers etc.
We (Q101) have leverage and negotiating power if we can provide proof of performance from the audience.  That means web traffic, facebook interaction, email club members, SMS subscribers, etc.

The old way that mattered was ratings.  Ratings used to be king.  When Q101 had Mancow, they had ratings.  Then they learned ratings didnt matter, they actually needed SALES.  The sales people went to 7-11 or Lowes and tried to sell Limp Bizkit and Mancow and they say HELL no.  So Q101 dropped both…. and then sold.

So what else can you do?  If everyone does these things regularly, we’ll be able to get on the radio and/or we won’t NEED to be on the radio.

  1. Visit everyday (this keeps the traffic steady and lets the world know we’re here to stay)
  2. Spend some time on (this demonstrates our audience is engaged and no fickle)
  3. Join our email VIP list (this allows us to tell you about Q101 and share offers and deals.  It also allows us to bring you with to a new dial position if/when the time comes rather than *hoping* you FIND us)
  4. Follow Q101 on all social media. (this is the new way of connecting and it is not going away.  If you can connect on whatever social channels you use, you can be an ambassador of Q101 and on the WEB it makes a HUGE difference)
  5. Use the Q101 sponsored links and spend your money with Q101 sponsors (this is the real game changer.  If our audience uses the businesses who support Q101 *whenever you can* they will continue to support us because they will see it pays off for their business)
  6. Contribute to (blog with us, or refer someone you know to blog with us or take pictures, videos and share what your enjoy about chicago, the music scene the station etc)
  7. Download the Q101 App and listen everyday (if you have an android, blackberry, or apple device the app is free)  This shows our listening is strong and further demonstrates our tech savvy audience is mobile friendly.  Mobile device ARE radios.  If you don’t have an Android, Blackberry or iPhone and you want one FREE we’re working on a deal to make that happen.
  8. Listen to the station on your computer everyday at (this does 3 things, builds traffic to the site, keeps you connected to Q101, AND keeps the stream listening stats high)
  9. Tell EVERYONE you know (this is why social media is so powerful, but email works, texts work, phone calls work, letters work!  Just tell everyone you know about how much you love the station and the website etc.  People listen to you!)
  10. Come to Q101 events.  (We’re going to be tweeting and emailing about events big and small so if you can stop by please do.  When you do, it shows we have reach and loyalty among our Q101 fans.  This is powerful as you know and sponsors need to see how awesome the Q101 audience is)
  11. Buy Q101 merchandise (this will be the biggest way we pay the bills.  As long as we can pay the bills, we’ll reinvest in Q101.  Right now, we’re paying the bills out of our pockets, and we’re glad to do it.  When we have merch for sale it will be a HUGE help in supporting Q101 and growing.  It also helps spread the word as people will see you WEARING Q101 stuff and it might spark a conversation!)

You asked for it!  lol….

These things seem so little, but it’s the little things that kill!  If we master the little things above we have the power.  When we’re in a board room with the media buyers for Taco Bell, we can show them how AWESOME the Q101 fans are with actual data.  When we’re in a board room with CBS or Citadel, we can show them how Q101 will perform better for them than station X or station Y.  They will be chomping at the bit to get Q101 because they will see what we ARE DOING without a radio signal is beating what THEY ARE doing WITH a radio signal.

This is how the fans win.  Because once this occurs, the fans get the best of both worlds.  The Q101 interactive and event world is really involved and connected, and the broadcast is back on a radio frequency.  Another side effect is, once we master these things together, we won’t need a radio frequency.  We’re working on a way to put a smart phone in every Q101 fan’s hand FREE.  When that happens, you have Q101 in your car, at home, at work, etc….just like before.

Feel free to share this email with your friends.  Mind if I post yours (without your email and last name on so everyone can read both?)

Thanks Sophia!

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5 thoughts on “How can fans help Q101 get on the radio?

  1. Hi Matt,
    This question is unrelated to this topic but i need to ask where can i find the top 101 songs for all of the years you had previously? I was making a list of the best music using that list and now i cant find it.

    – Jake

  2. I grew up listening to Q101 and now that it’s gone it is missed. However sitting here thinking about the story of David and golith and how much it relates to Q101. Goliath (the idiots whom threw you off the air) didn’t realize that David (q101) armed with the best sling shot available (us listners) could now listen to Q101 when ever, where ever we feel like. With this new phone app I can now listen while I am states away. Let me tell you peeps are asking where they too can listen to this at. I tell them. So what ever audiance was reached by being on the air, could be a larger audiance through the use of our smart phones connected to our radios in the car. Let this phone app you have created be the stone whipped back at goliath. Let the revalution begin. Let our generation make a change to how radio should be heard!!

  3. It’s just not fair that we don’t have any alternative radio stations in the city of Chicago. I feel like my corporate America is shoving pop culture down my throat. I don’t even listen to the radio anymore. I miss you Q101.

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