Kiss Him Goodbye: The Ozzman Goeth

Kiss him goodbye. Ozzie is off to a team that had a game that drew less than 1,000 people this year. Who says money isn't everything?

“People are happy after they make money, f— it.’’-Ozzie Guillen

Wowoweewah is it gonna be quiet around this town.  The Bears look DOA (hey, at least they’re under the cap to the tune of about $19 mil…Woot for the McCaskeys making 19 mil more this year!), The Cubs are deader than dead for year 103 and counting, and The Bulls look like they’ll be on the shelf til January if not for the entire season.  Now this:  Reminiscent of when Ditka was shown the door in ’93, The Sox are apparently parting ways with the manager who brought them their first championship in 88 years in 2005.

Come Tuesday morning, the silence on the South Side could be more deafening than golden.

Until then, Ozzie Guillen was going to spend his final days on the White Sox managerial post much like he came in to it – saying whatever he wants, wherever he wants, whenever he wants.

According to multiple sources, the Sox and Florida Marlins are in the final stages of completing a deal that will send the never-boring Guillen to South Beach, ending his eight-year stay with the organization he grew up in as a player and helped guide to a World Series in 2005 as a second-year manager.

The end is expected to become at the conclusion of Monday night’s game against the Toronto Blue Jays at U.S. Cellular Field, sources said. Sources also said Guillen told his players before the game that it would be his last as Sox manager.

As far as the coaching staff, expect mass changes there, as well, all except pitching coach Don Cooper, who according to sources, already has a deal on the table to stay with the organization.

What Guillen would talk about on the record to reporters on Monday was that he indeed met with board chairman Jerry Reinsdorf earlier in the afternoon at the United Center, and “We talked about it for maybe 30, 35 minutes. I told Jerry to do this meeting back in Mexico because no matter where we do the meeting, people are going to talk and they’re going to put me in this situation we’re in right now. Yes we talked about it. We talked about different things, my future here, how we’re going to do it, what he thinks about the ballclub, what way we’re going. I left the meeting with nothing.’’

Guillen didn’t exactly slam the door on possibly returning for next season, but it was more bob and weave, almost leaving the ball back in Reinsdorf’s court.

“I just told him how I feel,’’ Guillen said. “I feel like I should be back here for more years. If not, well, you know how I feel. I don’t want to be here if that happens. That decision doesn’t have to be made. I’m still under the White Sox’ contract and we’ll see what happens.’’

Sources have indicated, however, that privately Guillen walked away from the meeting knowing his days with the Sox are over, and the talk was more about the details of the split. It was not heated, and if anything, emotional from both sides.

General manager Ken Williams was not involved, and considering Guillen and Williams have not had any real conversations over the last month, it was probably better that Williams wasn’t there.

As far as what Guillen was looking for from the Sox all along, he pulled no punches on that.

“F— more years. I want more money,’’ Guillen said. “I don’t work here for years. No, I want more money. Years, what, I’m going to die poor with the White Sox? Hell, no. Listen this is my job. It’s the only thing I can do. I have to make money out of somewhere. I’m not a doctor or a lawyer, where you’ll have a job for the rest of your life.

“Life is about money. People don’t believe that. People are happy after they make money, f— it.’’



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