Protect your Info from Prospective Employers Online

They’re watching you.  They’re reading about you.  They know what movies you like.  They know where you’ve been.  THEY are the people you’re trying to get to hire YOU!!!  More and more prospective employers are researching YOU online.  They want to know what you’re up to.  They want to check up on you.

You need to know what THEY know.  If they can find it, maybe you can help hide it?

By: Zach Epstein

We live in a digital age where it seems nearly impossible to maintain your privacy. There are some measures that can be taken to limit your exposure, however. While numerous companies make money by collecting data from public records and selling it to people looking to perform quick and easy background checks, there are ways to stop these companies from tossing around your personal information willy nilly. Reddit user “pibbman” has compiled a list of all the major background check sites that hand out your data to anyone with a credit card, and he has included instructions and links on how to opt out of their services and have your information removed from each site. Of course, be sure to search your name before opting out of any service — you’ll be required to prove your identity to these companies in order to opt out, and there’s no reason to hand over your information if they don’t already have it. Pibbman notes that once you have your personal information removed from each of the major sites he lists, you should also disappear from smaller sites as they seem to pull in data from the “big boys.” Hit the break for the start of this how-to guide, and hit the read link for the rest.

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