Robert Feder puts Mancow in Timeout over Q101

Mancow tells it like it is…from his point of view….from Robert Feder’s blog:

“I found it repulsive,” Muller, 45, later said of the outpouring of nostalgia. “I was invited to be part of it, but I chose not to because I don’t live my life looking in the rearview mirror. I like James VanOsdol a lot. I hear he’s writing a book. I was the biggest player in the story, and I wouldn’t read a book about that. I don’t understand why anyone cares.”

Starting in 1998, when Emmis Communications lured him from Chicago’s former Rock 103.5 FM, Muller redefined Q101 and brought stability to a station that had seen seven morning shows come and go in four years. With a colorful cast of characters (who can forget daredevil sidekick Jeff “Turd” Renzetti?) and the bluster of P.T. Barnum, Muller kept the show at or near the top of the ratings among men between 18 and 34 throughout his run.

But like many music stations with high-profile morning personalities, Q101 had trouble retaining Muller’s audience for its alternative rock lineup the rest of the day. And Muller often found himself at odds with other jocks and alienated from members of his own crew.

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