The Title Should Say: Why It’s Great To Be A Chicagoan

While the rest of America was doing their somber and solemn 9/11 tributes, the one at Soldier Field was f-ing awesome.  If this video doesn’t make you proud, you need to move to another country.  Suck it al-Qaeda.  Please realize:  We’re not criticising the tributes other locales performed; just celebrating Chicago’s as “the best.”  We hope and pray other cities won’t co-opt the “cheering through the national anthem” after seeing this.  It’s a Chicago-thing.  Hands off.

Our fave moments in this vid:

1.  When the crowd realizes that the “Blackhawks dude” (aka Jim Cornelison) is singing.  Like a magic trick, the giant flag unfurling was a misdirection…meanwhile, the lady (Jim Cornelison) crawled back in through the side of the wooden box.

2. When Roberto Garza shakes his head like “F— yeah.”

3. When Cornelison is heaving to catch his breath.  We’ve seen him do this anthem hundreds of times…it never gets old…but it was never once as good as this rendition.  The man’s a monster.  Bravo!

Honorable mentions:  The two different shots of Atlanta Falcon players looking a bit weirded out by the singing and roaring crowd.  One shot is of a player talking to a trainer.  We imagine he’s asking, “What the hell is going on?”  Another player is looking around like, “Uh oh.  Is THIS how today is going to go?”  (It was.)

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