A Q101.com VIP In Need Gets His Wish to See Primus

Q101.com fans spoke, and we listened.  Cort, have a good time at the Primus show at the Congress Theater (wow, tough choice there…Smashing Pumpkins and Primus head-to-head in Chicago on the same night!) If you voted for this character Cort to get into this show, thanks!  We appreciate knowing that 72 of you are warm-hearted.  We’re stunned…not one single “No” vote was placed when we asked if this hard luck Primus fan should get a helping hand into the show.  Nice to see!

Here’s the backstory:  Q101.com gets hundreds of emails a day, many from people in need.  This one caught our eye, and, truth be told, brought a tear to it (we caught it before it hit the ground, so it doesn’t technically count as actually crying, so don’t get all ballsy and start calling us names.  As a general rule, Q101.com does NOT cry, not that there’s anything wrong with dudes who do.  Ahem.)

Q101.com VIP member Cort writes:

Last year when Primus came to Chicago at the Congress Theatre [sic] I had purchased two tickets to the show. But unfortunately I was running late to the event and on my way to Chicago I was rear-ended. It took so long to get a policeman to the scene and the damage wasn’t all that bad. The guy ended up getting arrested and a K-9 Unit searched his car in which it found something. By the time I left I felt it was just to [sic] late for the show, I would love to try and go again this year and hope Q101 can assist me.


Cort, a devoted Q101 fan

Allegedly Cort's real car, damaged last year on his way to see Primus.


Wow.  That sucks.  You are on your way to see Les Claypool and company and some stoner hits you and makes you miss the show.  That’s horrible.  Cort went on to intimate that also within the last year, he won a contest with another website in town which we won’t be jerks and mention, BUT…when he got to the show, he in fact was NOT on the list and he left with an apology and not much else.  Man oh man…

Look, we know there are people out there with really bigtime problems, so we’re not going to act like this is THAT big a deal.  Still, we exist to give people entertainment, like getting them into Primus shows…and when someone is a Q101.com VIP, we feel the need to really go above and beyond for them.  Besides, we do what we can.  We can’t solve every problem, so we’ll lend a hand where and when we can.

Wanna hear something on Q101.com?  Call 708-680-Q101 and we’ll do our best.  Kitten in a tree?  We’ll try.  Depends on where and how high.  Need a job?  We’ll see what we can do.  Need a night out?  We’ll work on it.  Liver transplant?  Get in line…we’re first, bro.

A call to the promoter of this show, Riot Fest, resulted in…two free tickets to see Primus for Cort.  (No sandwich board necessary, for now Cort; though if you feel like donning one, have it bro!)

Thanks to Luba and Mike and the gang at Riot Fest, and, hell, thanks to Les Claypool in advance for dedicating “Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver” to Q101.com!



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    1. send pics of the show, bro…’specially the chicks with their tops off on their boyfriend’s shoulders. Oh, this isn’t the Frampton show in ’77? Oh. Have fun and send us your shots anyway!

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