Can’t Get Enough UFC? This Is The Book For You


Gratituitous shot of the UFC Encyclopedia. Not as cool as a coffee table book about coffee tables, but cooler than that Encyclopedia of Encyclopedias you bought on a whim at Costco in 2008.

The UFC is so frigging big, they’re coming out with their own 400 page Encyclopedia that you can proudly display on your coffee table, mantle, or to use to fend off attackers looking to put an arm bar on you.

Barnes and Noble is flying Anthony Pettis (fresh off his victory at UFC 136 last week mind you) in for a signing Saturday, October 22, at their Schaumburg location.  

Anthony Pettis, Barnes and Noble, and a Saturday night with nothing else going on?  Gold.  Look for our man, MMA expert Ted Gruber out there…he’ll be the guy with the “Press” tickets poking out out of the band of his fedora. has asked for three copies in all, in hopes this book is cool…and if it is, we’ll give it to you when we see you out somewhere.  Be advised, we’ll probably leave it in the bathroom at Central for a few days, but it’ll be free, so, you can’t really go wrong.

Here’s what the makers of the book have to say about it:

The fastest-growing sports organization in history finally has an official and definitive resource that will have its fans cheering: UFC® ENCYCLOPEDIA(October 2011, $50).

The first and only official and fully illustrated encyclopedia of the UFC® covers over 300 fighters and over 170 event results. This full-color, 400-page compendium is filled with over 1,500 images and captures all facets of the Ultimate Fighting Championship®, detailing the history of the organization from its beginnings in 1993. The encyclopedia includes unprecedented access to the most dynamic fighters in the world, through profile and action photos, detailed biographies, win/loss records, vital stats, and titles held in the organization.


This book reveals:

  • The history of the UFC® from its inception
  • The most memorable submissions, knockouts, and fights
  • Fighter profiles, complete with biographies and vital stats
  • Results for every event, standout performances, rivalries, and influential matches
  • Breakdown of UFC® Champions from the first-crowned to present day
  • Season recaps of “The Ultimate Fighter” reality TV show
  • UFC® Hall of Fame


The UFC®ENCYCLOPEDIA features all of the faces of the UFC®; from the owners, Dana White and Frank & Lorenzo Fertitta, to the Octagon girls, announcers and broadcasters. Fans will relish this informative and comprehensive tribute to the world’s fastest growing sport.Officially licensed, created in conjunction with the UFC®, and featuring spotlights on memorable submissions, knockouts, and battles that made history, this is the book that millions of devoted fans have been waiting for and it is a book no UFC®fan should be without.



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