Catwoman #1: A ‘Feline’ Opinion (Get it?)

Catwoman: a.k.a. Selina Kyle, has had a few of her own “runs” in the DC universe, and they didn’t always stand alone very well, without the aid of a tie-in to Batman, or some of his own villains. Always the seductive, stealthy thief with an obsession with cats, and a certain bat, you can always look to artistic renditions of Catwoman to see the sensuality that is almost non-existent in comics. You’ll find it in a handful of titles on a regular basis, but its more T & A written into the story, than a whole character. Since her first appearance in 1940, she’s given Bruce Wayne more than just “something” to think about.

Judd Winick writes our “heroine” with aloofness, like the new girl at school that’s choke an ox gorgeous, but nobody knows anything about her. But they want to. She’s still her own woman, as she always is, but now she’s her own woman with a relaunched regular monthly series.

A peek into her “personal” life gives us a portrait of the only real friendship she has, and “work” still manages to be a part of it. With lucky worthless paintings, outstanding cleavage, drunk Russians with guns, and hookers, This series would cause the old Comic Code Authority to explode in shock, and sheer terror and arousal.

Selina Kyle is a character that has a lot of depth that’s been explored over the years. The trouble with giving a character depth is that it’s pertinent to keep that depth. What with this restructuring of the universe, and having a set creative team for every book, this will give Catwoman an opportunity to be more than a “B” card character.

We see it here, in full force, being taken in to her world that you can certainly see teenage boys getting a kick out of right away as you turn the first page. Comics are very much escapism, and getting away with Catwoman sure sounds like a good idea.

Catwoman #1 Is published by DC Comics, and is available now for $2.99 USD

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