Q101.com 1st Look: Green Lantern Corps #1

Expect a visually jarring start to this series re-launch by DC Comics:  we walk into a holding area, where two un-named Green Lanterns have locked someone in a cell. It was actually an uneventful opening to a new #1 issue in a series…. then BAM! Violence! Murder! By the 3rd page, yours truly was shocked by the sudden carnage before my eyes; however, I couldn’t stop turning the pages.

Another good beginning, where it seems DC’s method is to suck you in with a &*%#$#^ moment before the titles and credits a few pages in. The artist for this series, Fernando Pasarin, does the inside of someone’s body justice, with his vivid, shocking depiction of viscera, with a killer unknown to us, but known to the Lantern in her last moments.

There are also so amazing, and well-detailed set pieces in this book, on Earth and elsewhere, which can make the stingiest comic hater stand back, and rethink their stance. The deep colors, the disgruntled detail on some of the faces, It really gives this new run series a very science-fiction feel, and whether the creators were going for that or not, it’s a very good thing.

The next part of our story leaves us in a planetarium, re-introducing us to a DC favorite from what could best be described as the “school of I’m human, but I’ll still take you on”, Guy Gardner. We see have as the bad luck guy that he’s always been, struggling to find that fine balance between being a Lantern, and being Guy. Trying to find a regular job on Earth can be pretty daunting when you can project hard light constructs through a ring on your hand that’s powered by your will and imagination. That has to be a tough one to fit onto a resume.

Switch now to a completely different end of the spectrum. Former Marine, and another current Green Lantern, John Stewart with his code of honor and loyalty that makes him a poster boy for the G.L. Corps. We see him here, as an architect that refuses to compromise safety, which IS this character, through and through. Even using his ring to “prove a point” to those that he’s working with, that are more concerned with filling their pockets.

Doing a little “stretching the legs” in space, Guy and John go to the Lantern’s planet of OA, and find themselves out on a rescue call with other Lanterns, only to find a dead planet, decorated with a few more Green Lantern Corps bodies.

What’s being established here, is that having a ring with these fantastic abilities, and traversing the universe fighting evil, does not make one as powerful as you think. And just like soldiers, that have seen non-stop battle for a long stretch of time, these Lanterns are finding it very hard to acclimate themselves back into “normal” society. And war, and battle, is not pretty, nor glamorous, but somebody has to do it.


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