Star Still Wrestling With Demons

Wrestling has been a very big and important part of my life, since I was 7. From meeting Macho Man Randy Savage, to buying The Sandman a beer in 2001, and beyond, it’s always been something I hold very close to my heart.  I don’t have much concern for people that say wrestling is fake, because that’s not the point of it at all. If you wish to tell me to my face that it’s fake, then I will hit you in the face with a steel chair, or toss you in the air so you land on your back, and ask you how fake that pain you feel is.  [ Editor Note:  This is at least 37% of the reason that we refuse to let Comicbookjockey come to our events.  He’s just too high-strung and, frankly, dangerous.]

I’m 30 years old, which means my 21 years of wrestling fandom has spanned through the eras that defined wrestling.  I’ve been fortunate to live through the wrestling “golden era.”  One of the guys that I adored during my childhood, and teenage years, was Scott Hall, aka “Razor Ramon”.

He went from the AWA, to the WWF, where he took off as a superstar, and then went to WCW, and became an icon, that revolutionized wrestling with the New World Order storylines. I’ve always enjoyed him immensely. Not just one of his characters, but him in general. I don’t know him personally, i’ve sadly never met him, but I take a lot of pride, and enjoyment in watching his “tapes”.

Lately, however, he’s had his share of problems, with drug abuse, alcoholism, etc.  I’ve seen video of him not at his best. I’ve witnessed fans make ignorant comments to him.  I’ve read the bashing of him on sites, profiles, and what have you. It makes me very sad to see people say terrible things about him. Most of the people that are being assholes, probably grew up with him.  What, are they disappointed? I’m sure they are. I could say I am, too. But like I said, I don’t know him personally. I don’t feel I have the place to judge another person when I don’t know them. It doesn’t matter if i’ve paid money to see said person or not, they are human beings, and with that, come problems. I would not have been one of those jag-offs in Massachusetts that night yelling shit at him. That hurts my feelings terribly.

After watching the 20 minute video story ESPN did on Scott Hall, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for him. I feel like what he said is true. That son of a bitch should have dies multiple times, what with the stories we’ve all heard, and he’s still here for a reason. This isn’t a fucking comment, or statement of belief in particular religions, just that I agree with him.
I’m really happy that ESPN decided to make this a story. It makes me happy for people to see that he isn’t just a character that was on tv, and that he’s a person, with problems, just like everyone. Whether you know anything about wrestling or not, I feel that you really should watch this video, it’s very touching, and it reminds you that we’re all human.

Watch the video here


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