Take One Tablet And Call Us In The Morning

Do you use a tablet?  You should…it could change your life.  Alright, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  It could drastically change some things you do though.  Check these out if you’re thinking of picking one up:

Wacom, a company that specializes in design tools and tablets, has changed up their prior stock of drawing tablets, with new designs, capabilities, and software. Wacom’s Bamboo tablets are some of the most affordable design tools on the market, and that’s a good reason for you to check them out for yourself.

The 3 Bamboo tablets that are available from Wacom range from use for someone who just likes to doodle on photos or make drawings, to those who are serious about design, and digital editing, inking, and coloring.

Bamboo Connect

The Connect is for those casual artists, who may use that tablet to edit something funny onto pictures of their kids, or just want to add some fruity brush strokes to something for a laugh. It has a light, battery-less pen, it’s left/right handed for you southpaws, and has a draw space of 5.8 inches, by 3.6 inches. This Bamboo tablet comes with Autodesk Sketchbook Express, and if you’ve got the most recent version of Microsoft Office, it’ll link up with it for digital inking possibilities.

Bamboo Capture

The Capture is the next model “up” from the Connect, and does include a few more features for the more constant user. It’s still got the light, no battery pen, but this tablet also has multi-touch ability, with 16 different touch points in the 5.8 inch by 3.6 inch draw area.

Same space as the Connect, but as you see, it has those extra tweaks mentioned before. Also containing 1,024 (yes, thousand) points of pressure for anything from fine pencil imitation, to broad stroke brushes. The Capture has Autodesk Sketchbook Express, like the Connect, and also includes Adobe Photoshop Elements. The Capture also has a port on the side to plug in a wireless module for those who feel too restrained by a cable.

Bamboo Create

The Create is the biggest of the 3 new design tablets, measuring in at 8.5 inches by 5.4 inches. This is the one best recommended for the serious artist, or designer, allowing for the widest “brush stroke” path, and includes a nifty little extra on the flip side of the draw pen, and eraser.

The Create is the biggest, and most expensive of the 3, but definitely the best value, with the largest draw base, double-sided pen, and includes Autodesk Sketchbook Express, Adobe Photoshop Elements, AND Corel Paint Essentials.

These are 3 great tablets, and no matter who you are, there’s one for your level of interest. From affordable, to a decent investment, they provide aid, and ability to the occasional, to the pro users.

The Wacom Bamboo tablets are $79.95 MSRP for the Connect, $99.95 MSRP for the Capture and $199.95 MSRP for the Create. A separate wireless RF module is available for the Capture, and Create for $39.95 MSRP.

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