Barfing In Cabs for Free May End In 2012

More than 1,500 Chicago cab drivers have signed a petition calling for the first fare hikes since 2005, in addition to proposing new fees for passengers who pay with credit cards, travel in large groups or vomit in the car during a late-night ride.

Drivers are calling for fares to be raised by 22 percent, and for a host of additional charges, including $1 each for additional passengers, $1.50 for credit card transactions to absorb some processing costs and a $50 penalty for fraudulent payments, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. They are also requesting a $75 “cleanup fee” for in-car messes, especially vomit from inebriated passengers.

The petition was submitted to the city clerk a week after Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced a planned overhaul of dilapidated and fuel-inefficient vehicles being used as taxi cabs, and proposed limitations on the amount of hours drivers can spend on the road.

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