Illinois Entertainer Knows The Q-Score

The Illinois Entertainer’s awesome writer Cara Jepsen gives us a little love and ink in the December issue.  While plenty of so-called “news” organizations and bloggers have really blown the facts of what has and is happening with Q101 and why, IE continues to get it right.  How?  Well, not to oversimplify or underestimate their efforts, but, really it’s quite easy:  When IE wants to know something about us or what we’re up to, they contact us and ask us.  Weird, huh?

Really, its downright revolutionary in today’s 24-hour news cycle world.  That sort of direct approach is apparently a lost art in the media world, as we’ve seen time and again how one blogger will write something and then a million sites pick it up and run it ‘as is’ as the gospel truth.  Then readers do the same:  They take the info ‘as is’ and ask no questions or question it in any way.  At least we don’t really blame everyday people all that much.  We’re all busy in our day-to-day lives, and we’re bombarded with thousands of messages day in and day out.

Still, the old adage “Believe half of what you see and none of what you read” was coined generations before the advent of the internet.  Imagine the wording of that phrase if it would have been coined after 1997?

Thanks Cara and IE for continuing to do your homework and get it right!  It wasn’t like pulling eye-teeth either, now, was it?  Still, you are to be commended for doing your best to get true and fair info out to folks!  Rock on IE!

Read a sample of Cara’s piece:

Q101 may have flipped its format in July, but the music rocks on at The busy website features streaming music, entertainment, and information aimed at alternative-rock fans.

The site is the brainchild of Matt Dubiel and Mike Noonan – the duo behind the short-lived “Save The Loop” movement. They own the syndication company Broadcast Barter Radio Networks, which purchased the Q101 brand and turned it into a virtual “station” designed to go where the listeners go via mobile apps and social media.

“We look forward to giving fans a genuine say in who and what they hear – one that traditional broadcasters only pay lip service to,” says Noonan, a former WLUP jock. He and Dubiel, general manager at Elmhurst’s WJJG-AM (1530), plan to add talent to the audio stream ( next year – which will also see the return of the local music showcase “Local 101.”

“No matter who we choose [as host], we’ll be listening closely to the feedback from fans on the hosts and content and production value of the show,” says Noonan. They also plan to bring back the Jamboree and Twisted concerts as well as new events.



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