Star Wars: The Old Republic Comes To Present Day, Don’t Forget Your Red Bull

Are you a Star Wars geek? Do you feel you can never find the droids that you’re looking for? Are you Cocky enough to fool people into believing that a measurement of distance is a measurement of speed? Listen to what Bioware, label of Electronic Arts, and provider of the Mass Effect series has in store for you.

The massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) Star Wars: The Old Republic is upon us, And it’s been watched and followed by the gaming industry since its announcement, and the following promotional videos, trailers, and sample play throughout trade shows this last year.

A story, and universe thousands of years before the films that popularized the series, The Old Republic is a story heavy MMORPG that gives you a wide berth when it comes to customization. Deep, detailed quests, flowing combat, and choices to make as your character that are spread well through the Universe. Join the Galactic Empire, or the feared Sith, becoming a Knight, or Consular for the Jedi order, or an Inquisitor, or Warrior for the Sith Lords, which have abilities of the force within varying detail, and degrees.

Other classes consist of Smuggler, Trooper, Hunter, or an Imperial Agent. If you were one of the pre-order people, you got early access that began 12/13 at 6am CST. For those that have not, your access to the servers goes live on 12/20. The early access is a two-fold exercise: allowing those pre-order goons to get the jump on everyone else, and also to weed out bugs to make the official day one launch as smooth as possible.

Beta testers have garnered more than 78,000 groups, or “guilds”, showing that there a lot of people out that there that have a lot of time to themselves, and/or dedication. (Despite popular belief, we do not ALL sit in front of our computers nude. We do wear socks if there is a draft).

If you want to be a part of The Old Republic, your first 30 days online are free, after that, you need to shell out those credits. Ranges from $12.99 a month USD to $14.99 a month USD depending on how many months of service you purchase at a time. May the force be with you, especially after a hearty burrito.

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