Tinley Hockey Fans Busted Stealing Water For Homemade Ice Rink

Boys will be boys right?  These boys are between the ages of 19 and 21 but say say they were just having some fun.

Who wouldn’t like an ice rink in their back yard.  It’s quite popular these days actually.  You can get the plans online.  It’s the ultimate midwestern hockey players dream!  So what did the young men do that was so wrong?

Anyone who’s eve tried this endeavor, or filling up a swimming pool, knows a regular hose takes forever.  These guys are no dummies.  They knew if they left the garden hose run all night and day it could still take days.  They sprung into action, borrow a fire department hose and hooked into the fire hydrant near their house.

We have to give them an “A” for effort.  The bummer is, you naturally have to get permission from the city before you mess with their hydrants.  Overall, the cost to the boys was about $350…but now with court costs and fines it might be a little higher.  The roughneck hockey players from Tinley say it was worth it….they have clean ice to play on now.

     GAME ON!

Note to the hockey crew from Tinley…  Looks like you guys did a GREAT job there.  Nice work indeed.  I bet parents in the suburbs and in the sticks would hire you to build a rink for their kids.  This time, make sure you dot your “i”s and cross your “t”s with the local municipalities though…but you might be onto something!  IF you need some help getting started, call your friends and Q101….we’d be glad to help you!


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