UFC 140 Recap; UFC 141 Preview

Mir Delights, Bones Rolls in UFC 140

Frank Mir vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (225 pounds)

“Big Nog” looks to gain revenge in this rematch of veteran heavyweights, and comes out with a left jab. Nogueira tries a takedown, but settles for landing a series of right hands on the cage. Mir fires back with a good knee, followed by a takedown. Both men are quickly up, and Nogueira controls the grappling on the cage. Right elbow by Nogueira as both men separate. Quick right/left combination by Nogueira rocks Mir! “Big Nog” drops lefts and rights, trying to finish the fight. Nogueira grabs a guillotine, then tries a gator roll, followed by an arm triangle. Mir somehow slips out. Nogueira gets sloppy, leaving his arm dangling out like a carrot for Mir. Mir quickly grabs side control and a slick kimura. Nogueira tries to slip out by rolling with the hold not once, but twice. But Mir just holds on, and locks the kimura in even deeper. After fighting it for several seconds, Nogueira taps out as Mir breaks his arm! For the first time in his illustrious career, Nogueira has been submitted.

Frank Mir wins by submission at 3:38 of round one.

Jon Jones vs. Lyoto Machida (205 pounds)

Similar to his last fight, Jones comes out in a spider-like crawl, but is quickly standing. Jones tries a jumping side kick. Machida is backing up, and Jones is missing with every strike he throws. Both men exchange leg kicks. This is followed by a blitz, with both men landing shots (but none solidly). Jones attempts a head kick. Machida dodges a right hand by Jones, and lands a good left. Machida follows this with a big straight left to the head. For the first time in his career, Jones has been solidly struck. Machida is effectively moving in-and-out, and Jones is becoming frustrated by his inability to land with his strikes, as the round ends. It seems Jones has lost the first round of his young career.

Jones, the light-heavyweight champion, misses with a spinning back kick to start round two. The champ follows with a glancing head kick. Machida fires back with a charge, landing several strikes. In a chaotic exchange, Jones lands a good knee. Jones tries a takedown, lands a couple of big straight shots, and finally scores the takedown. Jones connects with his trademark deadly elbows, and opens a cut on Machida’s forehead. After both men are up, referee John McCarthy calls a brief stoppage to check the cut. Though it is a huge gash, the fight continues. Jones regains controls on the cage on the restart. Machida appears to land with a left, but a short left by Jones beats him to the punch. Machida is stunned, but still standing. Jones sinks in a standing guillotine, and it’s deep. Machida fights for a few seconds, before going limp. McCarthy stops the fight, and Machida collapses in a heap. Jon Jones retains the title.

Jon Jones wins by submission at 4:26 of round two.


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UFC 141 To Ring In New Year With Heavies

AT UFC 141 (Ultimate Fighting Championship) scheduled for December 30, 2011, Brock Lesnar will fight against Alistair Overeem. The match holds significance for the two fighters as the winner of this match will meet the UFC heavyweight champion, Junior Dos Santos.

The 34-year old Lesnar began his UFC career in 2008 when he faced Frank Mir at the UFC event called Breaking Point. Mir won the match by a submission move, but Lesnar gave a few punches to make an impactful entry into the mixed martial arts division.

Both Lesnar and Overeem would be motivated to win their match for the chance to fight against the champion for the UFC heavyweight title. The players will not miss this opportunity at any cost, as they are in the hunt to capture the heavyweight title one more time and add another victory under their belt.

If Lesnar wins, he would face Junior Dos Santos, who defeated Cain Velasquez within two minutes to claim his debut title win the UFC heavyweight division. Both Lesnar and Overeem would have to watch out the style with which Santos uses in his fights.

For the time being, the two contenders would be looking forward to gain an edge in their match in December 2011. Looking at their UFC careers at a glance, Lesnar has won 71% of his fights while Overeem has won 70% of his fights.

Both fighters are balanced when it comes to winning their matches. But the difference lies in the way they fight on the mat.

Lesnar could become a dominating opponent as he has a 77% striking accuracy in UFC career. Overeem, on the other hand, would have to work hard in controlling Lesnar, as he only has a 55% striking accuracy.


Source:  http://blogs.bettor.com/Brock-Lesnar-to-fight-against-Alistair-Overeem-in-December-MMA-Preview-UFC-141-a112110

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