We’re No Longer Friends. At Least We Now Know Why

During the holidays, Q101 likes to don a red velveteen smoking jacket (even though, as you well know, it’s been years since we smoked…cigarettes that is), sit in front of the fire, clasp a snifter of cognac, and reflect on our lives, our families, our friends, and the people who have passed through our lives like so many ships in the night.  So many have come and gone from our digital lives, though, its hard to know how or why.  We’ve always been grateful for those who have stayed with us, and even more grateful for those who have greeted us and stayed engaged…but we finally may have a glimpse as to why those who decided to leave us in their digital dust may have chosen to do so.  Check this story out from Gawker.com:

Wondering why everyone un-friended you on Facebook? Most likely it’s because you’re really offensive. But it might be because you’re really depressing!

Yes, Nielsen’s done a new study trying to figure out why people friend and unfriend each other on Facebook, and, well, if you’ve ever unfriended anyone you can probably guess how people answered. The number-one reason for unfriending a person is “offensive comments”—there’s no further explanation, so the time I unfriended my brother for posting a link to a Thomas Friedman column probably counts—at 55 percent, followed by “don’t know well” at 41 percent and “trying to sell me something” at 39 percent.

And then it gets good, i.e., it gets petty: 23 percent of people unfriend for depressing comments; 20 percent for “lack of interaction” (sorry, dead people!); 14 percent for “political comments”; 11 percent for “breakup/divorce”; 8 percent for “don’t like their friends” (you just chuckled in recognition, didn’t you?); “update profile too often” and “they add too many people” tied at 6 percent and “they don’t update often enough” coming in last at 3 percent.


Source:  http://gawker.com/5869673/your-racist-shilling-sad-sack-status-updates-are-why-people-keep-unfriending-you

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