3M May Have “The Touch”.

Move over Microsoft Surface, the multi-touch capacitive table computer, 3M steps into the ring with their own from their Touch Systems division. A 46-inch, projected “Capacitive Technology Screen”, this beautiful device has the potential to recognize 60 touch points. The PROTOTYPE (yes, put it back in your pants, Chip) currently is at recognizing only 20 touch points, but it’s a very good start to an alternative to the Microsoft Surface that can cost you $12,500 for a commercial system, or $15,000 plus for a developer setup that consists of 5 chair (Ohhhh boy!), and technical support. The Microsoft Surface is manufactured by Samsung (but of course it is!), whereas it seems that 3M and their magic table are an in-house scenario. Do you wanna see it in action? Well, DO YOU? Go here, and formulate your own opinion:



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