Apple’s ‘Siri’ Gets Swear-y

Remember trying to get your little brother’s “Speak and Spell” to say the most unspeakable things?  What?  Q101 was the only one?  F#$@ off!

Well, this story reminds us of that fateful day in 1986 when we first heard an electronic device say things that would make a longshoreman blush.  Rea don from Techradar:

Apple’s Siri voice assistant app is in hot water after reportedly verbally abusing a child who was playing with a demonstration iPhone 4S handset.

Ten year-old Charlie Le Quesne was testing the device at a Tesco store in Coventry when his mother claims he asked Siri how many people there were in the world.

The normally perfectly-mannered app said in response: “I’m not sure what you said there, Shut The F**k Up, You Ugly T***”

Going rogue?

However, it’s unlikely that Siri has suddenly decide to go rogue on inquisitive children.

It appears that some smart Alec simply changed the username associated with the phone to the offending seven words, so believes it’s addressing a person.

However, Charlie’s mum is still fuming and expressed her anger to the Coventry Evening Telegraph.

“It’s verbal abuse,” said Kim Le Quesne. “Charlie was with his dad looking at the phones. We can’t believe the filth it came out with.



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