Braiiiiins… on your iPhone!

Mobile gaming has become its own defined genre within the last year, with iOS and Android updating constantly, and their respective app stores becoming one of the most popular features for both. A nice stand out mobile game is Zombie Wonderland 2: Outta Time. You control the protagonist, a janitor who moon lights as a zombie slayer that holds his ground against waves of the undead in various places, such as barns, castles, and stores. Keeping the brain-eaters from clawing their way into the building you’re in, there’s also another dynamic to the game play where you have to constantly mop up the gibs and goo that the zombies leave behind (you ARE a janitor, after all).

Developer Xoobis has done an excellent job utilizing the iPhone’s multi-touch capabilities but not without issue, that the developer can’t be faulted for. The touch screen can barely handle all of the interactions of a player tapping a window to board it up, a zombie to shoot it, or a turret to repair it. With so many ways and means of zombie dismemberment and clean up the fun and replay value doesn’t burn out anytime soon. Tell your friends it has style and qualities reminiscent of Call of Duty’s zombie survival maps with a sprinkle of Plants vs. Zombies. You’ll enjoy the madness of keeping the rooms clean where you’re blowing the walking dead to oblivion and curse the limitations of the iPhone’s multi-touch ability, making what feels like a soon to be strong demand for it on the iPad, or portable gaming consoles such as the Nintendo DS, or the Sony PSP or Vita.

Zombie Wonderland 2: Outta Time is available in the App Store on sale for .99 cents for its launch (regular price will be $2.99)


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