They Gone: Bears Punt GM Angelo; Martz Darts

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen is reporting that a league source says the Bears have fired General Manager Jerry Angelo.  More to come…including the next shoe to drop.  Will it include Jerry’s right hand man Tim Ruskell being promoted?  Lovie and the crew following Jer out the Halas Hall door ala Mike Quade?

Meanwhile, as expected (as opposed to the totally unexpected firing of Angelo), the Sun Times has more on the departure of Mike “My Name Rhymes With ‘Smarts'” Martz.  God was he a smug, strange bastard:

A surprising purge Tuesday at Halas Hall still left the Bears in an unsettled situation. Now that they’re getting better at firing, they still have to get better at hiring.

That task not only will belong to team president Ted Phillips, but coach Lovie Smith, who has to find a new offensive coordinator after Mike Martz resigned over ‘‘philosophical differences.’’ Martz’s resignation appeared to be a technicality.

“That was Lovie’s call,’’ Phillips said. ‘‘They had some philosophical differences and a parting of the ways.”

Either way, it leaves the Bears with a huge void at a critical juncture of Smith’s coaching tenure. This will be the Bears’ third offensive coordinator in four seasons and, more important, quarterback Jay Cutler’s fourth in five years.

Smith struck out with Terry Shea in 2004, had moderate success with Ron Turner from 2005 to 2009 and saw two years of slow progress with Martz. He has yet to hit a home run.

“I have a lot of confidence in Lovie,’’ Phillips said. ‘‘We’ve talked about it already today, and I think he’s going to [get the right guy]. None of us [is] perfect; we all have made mistakes. He’s going to correct it, and I have complete confidence in his ability to do that.”





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