Local 101 News: Janus Album, Join Chevelle Tour; Imperial Sons Plan Party

Janus Announces Album Drop, Tour Dates

Janus experienced great success with their 2009 debut album, ‘Red Right Return,’ but the band’s new album, ‘Nox Aeris,’ reveals how far they’ve come.

Due out on March 27 on REALID Records, through Warner Music Group’s Independent Label Group, the album should help propel Janus to the top of the melodic-rock heap. “‘Nox Aeris’ is Latin for night air and references the plague years [hence the plague doctor mask on the single art]. The man made fear of believing that the night air itself in swamps and the city ghettos could give you the plague epitomizes the darkness that consumed these people,” vocalist David Scotney told Noisecreep.

“Message-wise, this record is dark but cathartic and it approaches a sense of healing but from the opposite side the first record does. If the first record is the lighter side of the two Janus faces this record is the darker one. It reflects all we struggled with and overcame as a band.”

‘Nox Aeris’ is already gaining steam, with its first single, ‘Stains,’ getting spins throughout the States. The song explores what can happen when you don’t follow your heart, the marks left on your spirit when you become someone you’re not. “It embodies what I was trying to say on the record,” says Scotney, “it’s a dark point of view, but represents a cathartic process of self-healing.”

Janus has announced via Facebook two club shows in DeKalb on the 9th of Feb. at Otto’s and in Homer Glen at Cool River Sports Bar & Grill on 2/17.


Source:  http://www.noisecreep.com/2012/01/19/janus-nox-aeris/


Imperial Sons EP Release Party Approaches

Subterranean is the site of the EP release party for Imperial Sons Friday, 1/27/12, with openers The Exoskeleton, Red Novella, and Marisolyterra.  If you want to go and check out some up and coming local acts you need to click here for info http://www.imperialsons.com/Imperial_Sons/live.html and here for tickets http://subt.net/concerts/4453/0127-imperial-sons/ and tell Subterranean they need to be on Q101.com more often!



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