Microsoft Awarded Game Console DVR Patent

The Xbox 360 was introduced to the world 6 years ago, ushering in this current generation of gaming technology. Microsoft had no plans to stop there. It has matured into more than a gaming system, having the ability to be an entertainment hub for your home, connecting your home PC or laptop to the console wirelessly to stream from your computer, and has applications to buy or rent movies from the Zune Marketplace, or stream TV shows and movies from Hulu and Netflix, sport content from ESPN and UFC, and audio like (No word yet on pornography though, so keep your fingers crossed).

Patent # 8,058,593 was awarded to Microsoft just last month. The patent details adding a DVR feature to gaming consoles to allow recording and playback of live television, while playing games or not. A curious note is that Microsoft several months ago announced new partnerships with various programming networks, and services to be used through the Xbox 360. Did they know the patent would be awarded to them, or a lucky coincidence to make the 360 more valuable to its new content partners?


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