The magic may be gone for Tim Tebow at the moment….

….but I got a feeling that it will return in 2012. Broncos Hall Of Fame Quarterback and current Broncos Vice President John Elway has already said that Tim Tebow will be the starter for the 2012 season. While that may be wishful thinking, it does tell me that Elway is fully invested in the young quarterback. Ever since his last college game, Tim Tebow has been constantly working on his throwing mechanics.

It may not be perfect but his mechanics in 2011 were quite improved from 2010. I know that Tebow haters continue to hate because he doesn’t have the “perfect” throw just yet. But they seem to forget that when you’ve been used to throwing on a side arm angle your whole life, it’s gonna take some time to get that out of your system. So I commend Tim Tebow for constantly working to get better.

He doesn’t do it to please the haters, he does it for himself. I expect that he will continue to tweak his throwing motion during this upcoming off season, and I can only hope that there is more improvement in 2012. You must also commend Tebow for his ability to shake off the negative comments. When he loses a game, they pick on his throwing motion and mechanics.

When he wins a game, they hate on his religious beliefs and poke fun of his prayer now known as the art of “Tebowing”. But Tebow shrugs it aside and gives it all that he has. One day, Tim Tebow will be a successful quarterback in the NFL. And kudos to John Elway for giving Tebow a shot at the big time. Aside from his tough play, he also has a ton of heart and soul.

Not to mention his rigorous conditioning and training, his love for the game, and his humbleness. There will come a day when Tebow will finally get revenge on his haters by winning a championship of some kind. But right now Tebow continues to work hard and bide his time until that day comes. I’m not the biggest Tim Tebow fan, but I commend him for standing by his beliefs and values while making his money in a superficial and material world.

The world can use a few more people like Tim Tebow, and one day the NFL will finally take notice.

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