Tim & Joe from Rise Against Talk with James Van Osdol from Q101 (WKQX Chicago) at Twisted 13

Joe and Tim talk backstage at The Aragon for Twisted 13 with James Van Osdol about things like the Blue Meanies, Naked Ray Gun, Riotfest, not selling out…PUNK, touring in a rock band as a father of a 2 year old and more.

JVO geeks out <a little> over Rise Against, in the casual cool way only JVO can.

The guys talk about Vegan food, Chicago Diner, Alison Friends in uptown, Karen’s Cooked, Karen’s Raw, and Soul Vegetarian on the South Side.

Guess who says, “I’ll travel anywhere for a buffet.”

Sign up here: http://michelledubiel.com/~micheox4/websites/q101/2012/01/help-film-a-special-rise-against-video/

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